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>This manicure will be inspired by the famous Louboutin pumps. This idea was first brought to life by Mayparis of Nails, Makeup and Music. She does some great designs, guys, you should definitely have a look at her blog!

The manicure is very simple, yet the effect is breathtaking. I started by applying 2 coats of black creme polish on my nails. Then a coat of Insta-Dri, in case I had to correct anything. Then I applied white on all the nails, or else the red wouldn’t show up. Finally went over the white using bright red creme polish, which is very translucent. And I was done =)

Everything was done using local brand polishes, but you can easily dupe this manicure using a generic black and red =)


  1. >Love this! Very original x

  2. >Thank you Lady Gray =) Thanks to Mayparis' great idea which inspired me =)

  3. >ooo wow! great idea! beautiful combo!! love love love!!!

  4. >Thank you, serena =)))

  5. >Really beautiful! That design truely accents the nails as heels accent the legs! So feminine ❤

  6. >Thank you, Doo =))) I think so, too! I love this version way more than the traditional Lubu manicure idea =)

  7. >Those look really great 😀 Well done 🙂 And I really love your pictures 😀

  8. >Thank you so much, rijah! =) Well, with some help of lightbox and paint shop pro they are more crisp and clear =)

  9. >so fun i love !!

  10. >Thanks, Lily nail =)

  11. >Waw!

  12. >As the shoe freak I am: Loooove the shoes. The manicure is really something else, and stunningly cool!! 🙂

  13. >Thank you sonidlo and laquermanic =) I also love louboutins, but I don't think I could walk on them, I'm too clumsy =DDD

  14. >Wow stunning! I loved this mani, looks thousand times better than the original lubu manicure. I would try to do this if I had steady hands 😦 By the way Flormar should use your last photo as an ad 🙂

  15. >Thank you Marjo =) Steady hands were an issue for me in the beginning, but I solved it by resting both my elbows on a steady place, like a desk, but apart from each other. Then I lie the brush flat on the nail, with lots of polish on it, and slowly drag it upwards. It should be very easy then =)

  16. >Thanks, I feel relieved. For a moment, when I saw the title and not the pics yet, I was afraid you'd do this thing to paint under your nails with red polish (ugghhh, no offense to anyone I find that so disgusting). But…. but you're far beyond that (of course). The result is very Morticia-like. Which of course I love. (Oh and you're wearing the ring that I prefer!)

  17. >This one kicks ass! YEAH! =O

  18. >This is so cool – Simple and stunning!:B~Tiffani

  19. >Love this. Looks awesome. I might have to try this one. Ive seen the ones with red underneath the nail but I dont like painting the underside of my nails.

  20. >It looks great! You did a good job. =)

  21. >Thank you Nathalie =) I don't like it either, and I never thought of doing that kind of Lubu manicure =) Thanks to Mayparis I've now found a better way =) Btw, I'm always wearing the ring, it's sort of an engagement ring… I bet this mani will look wonderful on you!Thank you Thess, Tiffani and Sasha =)Hey L, I don't like to paint outside the nails, either… Especially the underside! It's barely managable and everything gets on the skin… =/ Was never really interested in it.

  22. >I love your twist on this!

  23. >Thank you, Andreia =D

  24. >wow, this is such a good idea, and beautifully executed!

  25. >Thanks, manicuremania =)))

  26. >Wow, unexpected and so elegant. I do like it so much better than the "original" take on the Louboutin mani.

  27. >Thank you Liz =) Yeah, me too! Mayparis has such original ideas =)

  28. >very weird…i like 'em!

  29. >Haha thanks Emma!

  30. >You take such awesome pictures. That's a stunning mani.

  31. >thank you mKat =))) thanks to my lightbox, the pictures have improved a bit… =)

  32. >Very cool! I wouldn't have thought of this, it's very original and creative =)

  33. >Thank you Princess Diana =) I wouldn't have thought it either I guess… I was inspired by the brilliant idea of Mayparis =)

  34. >Oooo, I love it!

  35. >thanks, gildedangel =D

  36. >So beautiful 🙂

  37. >it's beautiful !

  38. >thank you jenny and pascale ❤

  39. >Just gorgeus!Definitely gonna try this!!

  40. >Thank you Camy =) You really should! =)

  41. >So sexy!!! I love this!

  42. >This is soooo HOTTTT!

  43. >Love it! Very original!! Gorgeous pictures too ❤

  44. >Thank you Liana, Jackie S & Michèle =))

  45. >Super sexy! 🙂

  46. >Haha thanks =)))

  47. >Sorry I made a mess with previous comment…Beautiful mani!! Elegant but not dull…I didn't like the idea of painting underneath my nails, too (messy and somehow I prefer my nail to "breath" a little bit)

  48. >no problem smalty, glad you liked it =)))

  49. >inanmıyorum çok harika bişey buuu!! blogunu karıştırıyorum da şu anda haha. ne giydin bununla çok merak ettim.

  50. >bununla gri tisort ve kot giymistim yanlis hatirlamiyorsam =)

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