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Thank you guys, today I passed the 200 followers mark thanks to L0verada! I’m so happy =) And guess what, this means GIVEAWAY for my dear followers! I’m going to give more information in the following days, stay tuned!

Seriously, what’s the obsession of nail polish brands with combining rubies and footwear? =)
Today I have this dusty crimson jelly polish with tiny crimson glitter. It’s really sheer and actually meant for layering, but I used 6 coats and succesfully achieved the bottle color.
I corrected these pictures a bit because the skin around my cuticles was very dry and after I took the pictures I realized that it was sticking out oddly in some places. Now I moisturized my cuticles and they suddenly look fine again. Cuticles are such a bitch to handle sometimes!
Anyway, then I stamped using special polish in black and image from plate m38. I smudged my left middle a bit, don’t mind that =) On to the pictures:

Oh, and I added a “Tags” section on the sidebar. I’m going to replace the tag when I’m tagged with another award, because I thought it would be kind of a waste to post a seperate entry just for the tag. I don’t want anyone to think I don’t care for the beautiful awards you nominate me. Because I care! =) The current award is the Cute Blog Award, for which I was tagged by Elizabeth. Thank you, my dear!


  1. >Gorgeous!Your pictures look fantastic!

  2. >Thank you Lisa =) I'm getting the hang of the lightbox =)

  3. >I'm gonna have to build me a crappy. 🙂

  4. >It's the easiest thing ever =))))Get a good and strong daylight lamp, and you're done! Mine is 27w -> 140w =)

  5. >They are incredibly beautiful. I hope one day i will make konad as succesful as yours :)By the way congrats

  6. >I'm sure you will, dear zuzu =) It's very easy, there is a learning curve, but then you get better and better!

  7. >That is so cute! Congrats on hitting over 200 followers, you deserve every one of them and more 🙂

  8. >Omg, this KOTD is soo cute and I loved that nail polish, I never knew Alix Avien makes such cool colors 🙂 I recently got a sparkly nail polish from Golden Rose, no. 70, it is beautiful 🙂 Congratz about subscribers, you deserve thousands of them 🙂

  9. >I LOVE this color. But 6 coats? 6??!! That's about three more then I care to do. Kudos for the patience! 🙂

  10. >Love it! Looks amazing! though the number of cotas sounds too much for me:) I would not use it, but still it's a gorgeous colour

  11. >Six coats to get this color! Very pretty glittery polish. I like the pattern with the bows also. Congrats on your Followers. A giveaway sounds pretty nice.

  12. >O_o 6 coats! wow! I havan't no patience for 6 coats… 2 coats are already too many for me! 😉

  13. >Thank you gildedangel =)Hey Marjo, I'm going to check that one out! Maybe I even have it, have to look through my stash =Dlaquermanic, I know it sounds like too much, but the consistency is very thin and I applied wet on wet… It didn't make too much difference, at least thickness-wise =)KONADomania, thank you =) I rarely do this many coats, but sometimes I'm sick of sheers and I'm persistent about achieving the bottle color =)Lucy thank you =) I'm glad you like it! I'm thinking about giving away polishes you can't find elsewhere =)serena_nuvola, most of the time I do 3 or 4, my max is 5 but this time I went on and did 6 =)

  14. >Your photos are wonderful! Loving the manicure too, as always!! ;-)Congrats on 200 followers 😀

  15. >Thank you, dear Michèle =))

  16. >Woohoo, congrats on the 200! Lovely polish and sweet konadicure! 6 Coats is almost madness though! *giggles* Thanks for the award tag, I am blushing again!

  17. >It´s great!

  18. >Thank you Charis =) I'm mad sometimes =DDDThank you sonindlo =)

  19. >it is beautiful

  20. >merci beaucoup, pascale =)

  21. >6 coats? Yet the result is worthy because I love it (but does my judgement counts as I'm a red lover?). The last picture is perfect, your hands are so gracious and feminine. And of course the little piggy I am admire your Konad mastering. 😛 (thank you for the tag ❤ and congrats on your 200 followers – they're so well deserved)

  22. >cute!

  23. >Thank you my sweet friend =D I'm 100% positive that you'll master the konad very soon and bring your fabulous ideas to life =) ❤

  24. >Your nails look SO good! That is a very pretty color and the Konad design is so cute! Also, I like the new 2-handed photo!!I think I need to start moisturizing my cuticles too… the dry winter is awful for my skin! Do you use a cuticle oil? Any recommendations?

  25. >Thank you Polish Hoarder, glad you liked my pictures =)I'm using Lush Lemony Flutter, that stuff is amazing! I definitely recommend it =)

  26. >Love this! And Congrats on 200 followers…I love looking at your blog….you are an inspiration to a beginner blogger like myself!

  27. >Aww thank you so much =) I'll be very happy if I'm inspiring someone =)

  28. >I love the color. It's so pretty!

  29. >thank you, greenmilktea =)

  30. >merhabalarojenin numarasını baktım ama göremedm sanırım söyleyebilirmisniz rica etsem

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