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>I saw this manicure on CND’s Fashion Week blog, and I fell in love with it! The idea is superb. I decided to recreate it using all China Glaze polishes. It’s basically like a french mani, but upside down =D Take a look:

I first thought of doing the manicure using konad plate m19, but it quickly proved that it was almost impossible. You gotta be really, really skilled to stamp with m19, and it’s extremely difficult with this manicure, that it’s more prone to failure because of the placement.
So I started painting my nails with China Glaze 2030. Then I put on a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat (you will see why). Then I applied China Glaze Midnight Ride on top, 2 coats, leaving the gold gap in the bottom, and I used my flat brush dipped in acetone to correct the line, with a very light hand. Insta-Dri helped a great deal while correcting, because it didn’t allow the underlying polish to be ruined. Finally I put on China Glaze Matte Magic over Midnight Ride, and I was done =) Midnight Ride is a gorgeous dark eggplant with subtle purple shimmer, but the shimmer was completely gone when mattified.

Then I tried to pose like Ruffian models, lol =D

I hope you like this manicure as much as I do!!! =)


  1. >It looks fabulous!

  2. >Thanks, Katie =)))

  3. >Love it! Based my Mardi Gras mani on the same one. I like it better in black and gold. You did a great job!

  4. >Oh really? Never truly realized it! *Goes to take another look*

  5. >Fabulous!! Love it.

  6. >Thank you Concertina =D

  7. >This looks so awesome!!!

  8. >=)))) Thank you, dear gildedangel!

  9. >You did such a great job recreating!!! I love it!!!

  10. >Thank you Distant Dreamer!!! =) I'm glad you liked it!

  11. >GORGEOUS!! Saving (:

  12. >=)) I'd love to see all your interpretations!

  13. >Absolutely love these nails! Adding to my to do list.

  14. >I think this is simply stunning; very nice job!

  15. >A beautiful rendering! I'm going to have to give this a try!

  16. >This is absolutely gorgous, I love it. Can I link to this post on my blog? I want to try this and give credit.

  17. >*gorgeous, (typo.) 😀

  18. >Absolutely gorgeous!

  19. >I'm not sure I dig the mani itself, but you did a great job with it!

  20. >well done, I like your Mani even better than the original!

  21. >Ridiculously simple idea but so elegant! You did a great job (better than the initial pic, ah ah!). The 5th picture is great. (You're so cute in the last picture – if you had had a gold eyeliner, it would have been totally in tune with your nails!)(I want Midnight Ride now)

  22. >Wow, great! *-*

  23. >omg, a simple mani that will make people fall into it~ @v@ And i think you did better than the ori one with adding the matte coat and this makes the gold pop. Can't stop starring on them!I love the last picture too! 🙂

  24. >I LOVE This. I think i'm going to use it as inspiration for my next mani 😀

  25. >I also instantly fell in love with this when I saw it, it's so gorgeous. And your SO skilled pulling it off like that! Your nails look FANTASTIC!!!

  26. >Interessantes Mani! Du bist ja ne ganz hübsche!:-)

  27. >I love this – you know we're all going to "borrow" this idea!!!! LOL:B~Tiffani

  28. >First of all, thank you all for the nice words, you make my day! I really appreciate your comments =)@Keedah, paintedladyfingers, Asami, Niki, Tiffani, feel free to copy this, I'd be happy to see your interpretations =)@Heidi, Thess, Charis, Chinda-chan, thank you so much guys!@Sasha, that happens to me sometimes =) Although I don't like the idea on myself, I like it the way someone else does on themselves, thank you =)))@Nathalie, thank you very much! I wanted to do a similar make-up, but it turned out that the original Ruffian make-up only consisted of powder blue eyeshadow and pink lips, so I kinda skipped that part ;)@Rachel, Thank you dear =) I guess CND applied their own top coat, but it gives more of a satin finish, so I decided to go a step further and mattify it =)@laquermanic, thank you so much for the nice words! Awww =))) <3@Russländisch, vielen Dank für dein Kommentar =) Es macht mich glücklich, dass du mich hübsch findest. Ich bin total rot!

  29. >This is one of the best polish posts I've ever seen! Your manicure is perfect and your pictures are gorgeous!

  30. >Awww, thank you so much!!! =)) *blush blush*

  31. >it is SO beautiful!

  32. >thank you Cara! =)

  33. >I'm not sure it's a knd of mani I'd dare wearing though I find it very pretty, but you did an amazing job at recreating it!

  34. >Thank you chocaddict =) Maybe you could try it with other colors? It's always worth a try =)

  35. >This is so beautiful! Ugh I just painted my nails today, but I'd like to try this out tomorrow if I get a chance to, it's just gorgeous! I think it would look great with silver as well! Great job!!!! xo

  36. >Thank you Caitlin! I can't wait to see your mani =) I think it would look great with many colors, like black with red glitter underneath! OMG!

  37. >Awww, for some reason, I cannot see the last three pictures!!! I think you're lightbox is great, the pictures you're posting these days are so clear! And I tagged you!

  38. >Gorgeous! This is soo pretty!

  39. >wow! i am so so so impressed by this one!

  40. >Absolutely breathtaking Deniz! :)Love love love it gorgeous girl! =)

  41. >Thank you Lizbeth, also for the tag =) I wonder why you're not seeing the pictures…Thank you my friends =DDDDAww Jeanette ❤

  42. >Ojenin kendi rengi mi mat yoksa üzerine birşey mi sürülmüş hali bu? o.O

  43. >Ojenin uzerine China Glaze Matte Magic cila surdum. Cila denmez aslinda, matlastirici bir oje bu. =)

  44. >wow!! so FAB… i would love to try this on my nails.. did u try u use the nail tip guide?hmm.. ill try this out.. xoxo

  45. >This is really a beautiful manicure. You did such a fantastic job. I love the color combination and the matted manicure. Fantastic.

  46. >gorgeous! will be trying this one soon!!

  47. >Dear thriszha, no, I didn't use any tip guide =) I freehanded the dark part and I cleaned it up a bit using a brush… =) Thank you!Thank you dear Lucy =)))Phreshmentality, thank you! I'd love to see your attempt!

  48. >this is sooooo awesome – i copied it as soon as i could!

  49. >Thank you Deez =D I left you a comment!

  50. >oooooohhhhhhh – i will try it like that when i copy it again…..thank-you !

  51. >Oh my God Deniz, we're like twins!I too am a nogt owl, loves Harry Potter (and of course nail polish!), cats, choclate and Nintendo! =DThis mani is really truly gorgeous! I just found your blog, I hope it's OK for you if I link to it at my blog?I think this was so pretty I will write about it! Please tell me if it's not OK for you that I use your picture, of course I write that it's yours.Have a great day!/Bella

  52. >Thank you Bella, of course I wouldn't mind! =DIt's interesting and fun to meet people with same interests =D I would be happy and honored if you'd link to me =))))Love,Deniz

  53. >Love it!

  54. >Thank you Jackie =)

  55. >This is gorgeous!

  56. >Thank you, dear =D

  57. >Oh I love it! Such a great idea 🙂 You should be a model, looking at these pictures ^_^

  58. >My word, this is amazing. What a fabulous manicure.

  59. >Aww thank you Jenny… *blushes twice in a row*Thanks, JacieO =)))

  60. >mükemmle olmuuş 🙂

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