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>Yesterday I had a break, and I didn’t feel like patching it up because it’s never the same, so I shortened the nails a bit. They are a bit more comfortable right now =)
Today I saw this gorgeous polish in a dollar-tree bin, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, because unique colors like these are so rare in my country!
This is a polish with a great formula between creme and jelly. The first coat was a little bit streaky, but the second was OK and everything evened out in three coats. The color is hard to describe, it’s like Nubar’s Green Tea, but a tad darker and more dusty. It’s a true jade color and I really, really like it! I had a hard time capturing the color, the pictures are edited to look closer to IRL:

Because this polish looks like Jade, and I connect Jade to East Asia, I stamped the nails with China Glaze 2030 and the image from plate s06:

I hope you enjoy my jaded(!) nails! =D


  1. >Wie schön!

  2. >You've done good girl! Looks smashing. =)

  3. >Ooh, that color is gorgeous! And I love the stamping too, perfect.

  4. >super nice!!

  5. >That was quick, my friends, thank you so much!Vielen Dank, Russländisch =DThank you Thess, Nicole and Niki =DD

  6. >It really is the color of Jade. Love the stamping…as Nicole said: Perfect!

  7. >Thank you Liz! ❤

  8. >Oh, I need this polish. That is the most gorgeous green

  9. >I'm planning to do a 200 followers giveaway, and I'm going to include a brand new bottle of this polish =)

  10. >This is so pretty! I love this color, my mom would too she likes jade colored stuff. This stamp makes it look even prettier :]

  11. >omg something we don't see very often!! so unique it's gorgeous!!

  12. >Ooo, I really love this!

  13. >wow, that is perfect konad for this..looks gorgeous

  14. >Perfect! 😀

  15. >I love greens, and this has a dusty look to it. Gorgeous!

  16. >Wow that is so beautiful! I love how it's a dusty muted jade, and not like a pastel neon mint green…it makes it a lot more chic!

  17. >:OOOO Wow! If you ever find that kind of shade in your dollar bin – remember me! It's gorgeous!

  18. >Thank you guys!!!@technopathetic, I also love jade colored stuff! Especially when it's combined with gold =)Thank you Arie, gildedangel, takij, Nea, laquermanic =) You guys make my day!@Musicalhouses, it's a unique color indeed! I rarely see those kind of colors =)@Sasha, I'm planning to do a 200 followers giveaway, and I'm going to include a brand new bottle =) But if I can find an extra bottle, I'm going to remember you! =D

  19. >The green lover in me is collapsing. It's so beautiful. 😀 Would you accept a cup of Jasmine tea?

  20. >Thank you Nathalie =) Let's have a cup for ourselves =))) If you ever want to visit my country, we can even make it real! I wish I knew you sooner, two years ago I visited your beautiful country… =)

  21. >One of my jade bangles is that color! The gold Konad is a great detail.

  22. >Thank you Laura =) I also have a few jade stuff, it's really close to that natural jade green, neither too bright, nor too dark, a bit dusty =)

  23. >I love that shde of green. Your nails look like jade jewelry. The gold stamp makes your manicure look even more lovely.

  24. >Thank you Lucy =)))

  25. >aynı oje bende de var canım. aynen bende görünce inanamadım hemen kaptım 😀 cidden değişik ve güzel bi renk. harika tarif etmişsin. ama şu ojelerin yapılarını hala kavrayabilmiş değilim belki de hiç değişik formülde oje denemediğim içindir. hepsi aynı geliyo bana. bu arada essie falan almak istiyorum tavsiye edebileceğin bi site var mı??

  26. >ojelerin yapisini biraz deneyimledikce anlamaya basliyosun canim =) essie icin'a bakabilirsin =)

  27. >Woow it's a amazing jade green ! I adore it !! But how sad, i can't find a shop with Alix Avien polish in France, or online shop 😦 I wish i could have it, it's stunning ! o_o

  28. >canım ya cok begendim rengi, ve numarasını istiyorum, gidip almak istiyorum cunku =))

  29. >zuzunun blogunda da varmış aynısı, 217 yazıyor =) gerek kalmadı

  30. >@Nemo Latte canim kusura bakma kuzenimdeydim gec gordum =)

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