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>Hey everyone =) Today I decided to put on Sinful Colors Let’s Talk, which Elizabeth sent me. I’ve never seen anything like this color. Think about how vivid China Glaze Frostbite in real life looks, and make it purple. There you have Let’s Talk. My camera went crazy trying to capture the color. As always, purple looks blue on the pictures, I wish I could capture how awesome it actually looks.

I own too many untried plates to leave this mani alone =) Here is Let’s Talk stamped with m44 and silver polish:

I’m thinking about doing a gradient mani with Let’s Talk and China Glaze Frostbite someday.


  1. >Admiring your flawless application and fantastic picture. Purple is SO hard to catch on camera.

  2. >Thank you laquermanic =) didn't know about your blog, I'm glad I discovered it =)

  3. >Oh, wow! Look how good it looks on you! Great colour and I love the konad with it. 🙂

  4. >Oh my eyes!! That fluo burple get me blind, ah ah. :DDo you love Sinful? I do. I'd like to have their new tint "Innocent" (Nicole swatched it). They sometimes have sheer stuff but their color range is lovely. Beside, your application is so flawless now. And your cuticles are beautiful (mine go a bit bad due to the cold and my old age, mwahaha – I want Spring back).

  5. >Thank you Michelle, glad you liked it =)Ma Chérie, this is my one and only Sinful right now =) So far I like the formula very much! The brush stroke me somehow as odd, it holds too much polish, no matter how much I wipe it on the bottleneck. But I got the hang of it!Talking about application, I do so much brush cleaning, it takes more than the application itself =D But once you find the right brush, it's quite fun! I'm using Pébéo 1/4 (#220). The cuticles of my left hand are in a terrible condition right now, don't mind the pictures! They hurt as hell, I'm about to soak them completely in Lemony Flutter to soothe them =D

  6. >That is so gorgeous and the konad is perfect!Your nails look great!

  7. >WOW! Now that's a magical color! *drool*

  8. >Oooh, this looks so much better than my pictures came out – mine were so much bluer than this. I know exactly what you mean, it's hard to capture! I think you did a great job trying and your Konad is cute 🙂

  9. >Thank you Andreia, Sasha and Nicole =) Nicole, I had a very hard time to capture the color, I didn't have much success, so I tweaked the colors a bit to make it truer to real life =)

  10. >This is a very pretty color, love the vibrancy of it. The stars are super cute too.

  11. >That color is gorgeous! And the silver konad looks fab on it!

  12. >Love the Konad you did…and this color is gorgeous on you!!! I'm so glad you like it. I thought it would be pretty with your fav. ;)I can't believe you only ONE Sinful…I'll have to fix that!

  13. >Wow! Let's Talk looks absolutely stunning on you!The Konad star banner goes so well with it too.

  14. >Oh WOW! =O Awesome…

  15. >I love the way you've used that Konad plate! Please do the gradient mani, it will look so good on your beautiful nails! 🙂

  16. >Absolutely lovely Mani! The silver stamping looks really cool over the purple, great pick!

  17. >Thank you my lovely friends =)@perfect10beauty & distantdreamer, thank you very much =)@Liz, I have one Sinful and one Finger Paints, thanks to you ^^ I want so many polishes, but they cost me so much to order all the way from USA… =(@Lisa & Thess, thank you soo much! glad you like them!@Jenny, I'm going to do it as soon as possible =D

  18. >Thank you dear Charis =)))

  19. >What a stunning purple! ♥Love the stamping too! 🙂

  20. >It's not even the half of it! =D So bright! I definitely recommend it to a purple lover like you ❤

  21. >This color is very eye-catching. Your nails are flawless.

  22. >Ooo, that is so gorgeous, I need to look for that color!

  23. >thank you takij and gildedangel ❤ you're so sweet =)

  24. >i love this color !!! and konading is fun !!! what's color or number sinfull is ?

  25. >Lily, it's Let's Talk by Sinful, #929 =)

  26. >This colour is beautiful!!! and it goes great with your skintone!

  27. >waou it is beautiful very nice color

  28. >Right back at you! I'll put you on my roll. 🙂

  29. >Thank you Niki and pascale =)Laquermanic, your swatches are beautiful! =))

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