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>Hi guys =) The Slytherin manicure is still holding well, without any tipwear or chipping. Although I noticed that jellies tend to go transparent on the tips, as if they shrink, they don’t look bad and I can live with it. I didn’t want to let a gorgeous dark green jelly go so easily, thus I have a manicure from the vault to show you today.
It’s MAC’s Light Affair. I couldn’t believe how quickly it sold out here, I ordered the last bottle from another MAC store in Istanbul via phone, and they sent it to the nearest MAC counter for me. Light Affair is a gorgeous light mushroom/taupe color, with a hint of purplish pink. It’s a beautiful color, I haven’t seen anything like it. The application was quite streaky, though it was nice for MAC standards. I experienced bubbling and uneven application, but I finally got the hang of it.

Excuse the weird lighting, it was nighttime and the camera didn’t want to photograph well, so this is the only decent picture I’ve got.


  1. >Such a lovely color! works really well with your skintone ;-)it has been sold out at every mac store ive been indeed!

  2. >Thank you Michèle! I bet it would look perfect on your hands =)

  3. >That is a gorgeous color!

  4. >I can't believe I passed this one up, argh! I wasn't too fond of it at the MAC store, but now after I have seen your Mani I want a bottle of this lovely color. I am weird.

  5. >Thank you gildedangel =)Charis I can perfectly understand, as the same happened to me when I saw Jeanette's swatch =)))

  6. >Great colour! I've never seen MAC polishes around here but that's probably because I've never looked that good. 😛

  7. >Do you have a MAC counter there? You can probably find this on eBay, though!

  8. >I wonder how close to Essie "Body Language" it is. Based on pictures, it reminds me of it. (I can't tell, I have none of them). It's elegant and timeless on your nails – very adorable.Light Affair also get sold out fastly on the French MAC website. I haven't had the opportunity to see it in person because I didn't go to my Mac counter recently. In France original colors like this get sold out in very short times. Nothing too astonishing because we are so conservative on here. It's mostly pink and red and you're done. Hard to find original colors and it's all an affair when there's one blue in a line. Don't talk about a grey, a holo or a green…I'm curious to see if it's different in Belgium, I'll have to go there and check by myself as I don't live that far! Ah ah sorry to ramble, Deniz. I talk all alone. 😀

  9. >Hey Nathalie, I heard that they are dupes =) But Body Language is a jelly, so the finishes are a bit different.The same also goes here… When you talk about manicures, everybody rambles about reds, pinks, traditional french manicures… I get so bored! I don't even see a lavender on people's nails! Oh, I've been to Belgium, Brussels and Bruges =) It was beautiful in Belgium, so cold and quiet, and the Waffle was delicious =DDDYou don't ramble, I always enjoy reading your comments and having a conversation with you =)

  10. >That one actually looks like Essie Encore to me! It's definitely amazingly beautiful

  11. >@Daria this one is an exact dupe for Essie Body Language, if you're interested! =)

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