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I’m sorry guys, I didn’t realize that my bandwidth was exceeded, and I can’t fix it until tomorrow. I fixed this post, but the older entries are probably ruined. Please come back tomorrow, I’ll be upgrading to a pro account then =)

I’ve had this idea for some time, and I’m glad I finally found time to bring it to life =)
I really adore Harry Potter themed stuff. I’ve read the series about 12 times during all those years, and the Potterverse just makes me happy. I consider myself as a Gryffindor, but still I embrace everything about HP, and I also respect Slytherin greatly =)
I started with my Nars Zulu attempt. I had a Claire’s jelly polish very similar to Illamasqua Rampage, and when I got the real thing, I mixed the Claire’s one with black to kill that famous dark green jelly lemming. Claire’s jellies are quite streaky, and this is 4 coats:

Then I stamped the snake from plate m28 in silver, to represent colors of Slytherin.

All the Slytherins out there, I hope you like this! I’m not sure if it was done before, therefore I claimed this as my own idea, but if you know similar manicures, you can post me a link! =)


  1. >Oh that is gorgeous and the Snake image is perfect!

  2. >Thanks Andreia =)

  3. >This is great! Slytherin should get more love. πŸ˜‰

  4. >Thank you Flavia! Without Slytherin, Hogwarts wouldn't be complete! =)

  5. >Aww I couldn't see them 😦

  6. >Are the pictures broken? I can see them?

  7. >I am getting errors from photobucked (upgrade to pro) when I look this in the google feed. 😦

  8. >I realized just now… Tomorrow is the day my account resets, I'm trying to figure out a solution…

  9. >That's so gorgeous, I love it!

  10. >hi I am on google blogger – i have 3500 photos on my blog which makes 840 MB.I am allowed to have 1024 MB ( i dont know what any of that means…I just equate it with 3500-ish photos).I read about some people loosing photos with flick'r and photo-bucket, I am certain that with blogger, you can have as many photos as I do at the moment = for free.I am going to pay the 5 dollars per year to have 20MB on my blog, which is definitely enough 'room' for the hundreds of nail polish photos I add every month.I am not familiar with photo bucket – but when you have a Google blog on blogger, picasa is the photo storage method.hope that helps a littleβ™₯

  11. >Thank you CucumPear =)Deez Nailz, thanks for the information! I'm also on google blogger, but somehow never used their storage… I'm going to wait till tomorrow to see how it works for me. Maybe I'll upload to Picasa from now on =) ❀

  12. >Gorgeous polish, gorgeous manicure! Very original too! =) I also like Harry Potter, but my favorites are professor Snape and sirius black. =)

  13. >Thank you Sasha =) I also adore them both =) My eternal love is for Dumbledore, but I like many characters, even Bellatrix =)

  14. >Well done! All the little snakes are fully detailed. Great franken also. But I'm a huge dark green lover, you know that. Ah ah!Can you believe I have never read any Harry Potter novel? I'm a big reader, though. There are so much thing I have yet to discover, and that keep me excited. I share my birthday with JK Rowling, for the little story. ;)As for photo storage, I'm using picasa, the photo storage directly related to blogger. We are limited too (I can't remember the limit though – but that's not super huge)

  15. >Hey Nathalie =) I'm glad you liked my Slytherin mani! Harry Potter is a great series of books, it's never late to discover it's fully detailed world! I really, really like the books. (and hate the movies as much!) I knew you shared your birthday with Rowling, it's also Harry's birthday, July 31st! Mine is 12 days before ya =D And being a Leo makes you a Gryffindor!I was using 3 seperate Photobucket accounts, but last month I only used this one. My bad, I completely forgot about the bandwidth! Luckily tomorrow (today) is the day the bandwidth resets, and everything should be back to normal again… =)

  16. >joli, mais j'ai la phobie des serpents !

  17. >aww =) sorry for that! =)

  18. >FANTASTIC manicure. πŸ™‚

  19. >Oh my God … I am so stealing this! :PSuch a great idea: dark green is my favourite nail polish colour and Millennium is my favourite polish to Konad with – thank you so much for this post :)PS At least Slytherin has the best colours πŸ˜‰

  20. >Thank you laquermanic =)Jenny, you can totally steal it, I'd love to see your interpretation! Slytherin has the best combination indeed =)

  21. >perfect again!

  22. >Thank you!! =D

  23. >Thank you for letting me steal it! I've just done it now, using Urban Decay Cult as the green base – it was screaming "Stamp over me in silver chrome!" so I used ChG Millennium for the snake. I ❀ it, thank you! πŸ™‚

  24. >Aww Jenny, I wanted to see it so badly! Why don't you keep a blog? =))) I bet the Slytherin mani you did looks wonderful!

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