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>Hi guys =) Here are the pictures of my Do-It-Yourself lightbox, “Crappier”, and some pictures taken with it.

I played with some different camera settings and lamp positions, and I think it gets the job done. The setup was very easy, I bought a 27 watt Daylight lamp, which is 1500 lumens (The output looks like 140 watt) and used it with a adjustable table lamp. I extracted parts from the sides and from the top of the cardboard box, and covered the windows with sheets of paper. I covered the background with paper aswell and I was done. The whole setup took me about 30 minutes.

Now, here are some pictures of my storage, because some people wanted to see it =)
My plastic drawer:

In the topmost drawer are my individual konad items and some nail care stuff.

Then there are some random OPI, China Glaze, Illamasqua, Sally Hansen, P2 polishes.

Bottom drawer, entirely China Glaze.

Some polishes that didn’t fit in anywhere:

Two boxes of local brand polishes & frankens:

Finally, here is my Valentine’s Day manicure. It’s P2 Gorgeous, stamped with China Glaze Devotion and hearts from m59. Pictures were taken inside the lightbox =)))

The next manicure is going to be one of my favorites! Stay tuned! =)


  1. >That lightbox is awesome, I need to set up something like that!

  2. >it's really easy as pie =) the key point is using the light indirectly, I figured that out just today!

  3. >Love the lightbox! Unfortunately my hubby says I take up too much space already so no lightbox for me 😦

  4. >aww… but you can make a foldable version! you can cut the edges with a knife and fold the sides over each other =) how about that?

  5. >wow, you're awesome – I'm totally coping this!!!

  6. >Thank you Brooke =) I got the idea from Nihrida =)

  7. >hehe, I have the laziest version of a lightbox ever but it works.I love the manicure!

  8. >Thank you Andreia =) Without the lightbox it was so hard to capture the colors in the evening. (That's when I do my manicures!)

  9. >I have to get my hands on Gorgeous next time I visit Germany, it's beautiful :)Crappier does an awesome job!

  10. >Gorgeous looks stunning on you Deniz! ❤ Love your Valentine's day manicure!Crappier looks cute! I need a good Crappier soon too but I also don't have the space for one. A foldable sounds great though. 🙂

  11. >Thank you chocaddict =) Gorgeous is gorgeous, indeed!Hey Jen, thank you =DDD I suggest you to take 30 minutes and make one, it's worth it =)))

  12. >Nice stash!I love Gorgeous on you, very pretty.

  13. >Thank you Kirsten =)

  14. >deniz, the pics are not displaying! i think you have a problem with photbucket, nags about bandwidth exceeded!

  15. >The bandwidth resets today, everything should be fine by now =)

  16. >I like your new lightbox pretty nice!, and your big container pencil design it's adorable ^_^

  17. >Thanks for the lightbox tips – I must get myself one of those when we're back in the 'real' house

  18. >Thank you Arie and Cali =) A cardboard lightbox is the best thing invented since grilled cheese sandwich =D

  19. >Oh, thank you soooo much for this info! I can definitely make this. Much friendlier to the budget than purchasing a lightbox off Ebay. 🙂

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