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>Hey everyone! After yesterday’s Up&Away haul post, I thought posting some bottle comparison pics could be helpful, in case you can’t tell if one of the polishes is already a dupe of another China Glaze Polish you own from the pictures, or under the shop lights. I took this pics in indirect sunlight.
Let’s have a look. First we have Flyin’ High, compared to Custom Kicks and For Audrey respectively.

As you can see, Flyin’ High is a bit lighter, dustier than Custom Kicks, which has a unique golden shimmer and is definitely greener. Flyin’ High is a darker version of For Audrey, I like to think that it’s her bigger sister.
Next I have 4 Leaf Clover against Turned Up Turquoise, and Re-fresh Mint against For Audrey:

4 Leaf Clover is not as bright as Turned Up Turquoise, and lacks the silver shimmer, but it’s not neon either. It’s as bright as it gets without being neon. Re-Fresh Mint and For Audrey are not even in the same category, but it was the closest match from my China Glaze collection. Re-Fresh Mint is the only mint I own that I didn’t franken myself, and For Audrey is a beautiful Tiffany blue.
Next is Heli-Yum against Sneaker Head and Designer Satin, respectively.

Heli-Yum is not as red as Sneaker Head and not as cool and dark as Designer Satin. It kinda falls inbetween, and it’s a beautiful rasberry sauce color =)
Then I have Sugar High against Mom’s Chiffon and High Hopes against Atelier Tulle:

Sugar High is a bit cooler than Mom’s Chiffon, and not as vibrant. I also heard it’s warmer than Laced Up from the Kicks Collection, but I don’t have it to compare. It’s a very cute pink that I didn’t think I would like this much.
High Hopes is a nice bright coral, Atelier Tulle is definitely more muted, darker and has more red (brown) in it. They are both must haves in my eyes.
Next are Peachy Keen against Vintage Crepe and Something Sweet against Second-Hand Silk:

Those were the closest matches on my stash. They are both lighter than the other, and they could be nice complementary colors to each other for konads/french tips/marbling. Vintage Crepe is more muted than if Peachy Keen was as dark.
Finally I have Light As Air against Agent Lavender, and Grape Pop against Spontaneous:

Light As Air is warmer, whereas Agent Lavender is a true Lavender color, although it looks more blue on the pictures. Both are must haves. I adore them both.
Grape Pop is darker and cooler than Spontaneous. The latter is also not as vibrant, it has a dusty quality. They are actually not even close. Both are must haves in my eyes. Grape Pop is the truest purple creme polish I got my hands on. I love it.
That’s all guys, thanks for bearing with me! Now I have a manicure from the vault for you today, I’m not too fond of it, but I’m posting it anyway. It’s China Glaze Atlantis, stamped with China Glaze 2030 and the image from s06. I stamped the image side by side, several times. The idea is worth trying harder, I couldn’t execute it very well.

That’s all, folks!


  1. >- All those China Glaze bottles. That's sexy and indecent. 😉 You make me want "Heli-Yum", evil temptress. I have no rapsberry which is weird because I adore this type of color. – I'm looking for the perfect purple. Neither too blue, neither too red. Just balanced, creamy, rich. Could Grape Pop be this one? Do you recommand it to me?- I LOVE the manicure. Perfect nails for a mermaid living deep dpwn the ocean. I know I'm boring and all that I always say is that I love your konadicures but they actually leave me gaga because they're always dreamy and poetic.

  2. >the manicure is GORGEOUS! The ChG stash is amazing. I would love to see a photo of your stash. LOL

  3. >Nathalie, I have an undying love for China Glaze bottles =) They just make me happy!!! =DDD Heli-Yum is a beauty, and so is Grape Pop, I highly recommend it! It's a gorgeous medium purple, maybe a little bit on the cool side, but very balanced. It's definitely not a blurple. Here, has just posted a swatch of Grape Pop! You know RBL's Mismas? It's along that line!Thank you for liking the konadicure, it looked a bit messy in real life, so it didn't stay long =))Thank you dear Lizbeth =) Good idea, I've just bought a new plastic cabinet yesterday for my stash, I'm going to show everything soon! =)

  4. >I like very much this konadicure, it is great original

  5. >I really think the mani looks fab!!! I'm going to try this. I have so many things on my list of yours to replicate 😀

  6. >Love the mani, and great pictures for the bottle comparison!

  7. >Thank you pascale =)niki, feel free to replicate them, I'd be honored! =Dgildedangel, you're welcome! =D

  8. >Love your manicure Deniz! :)I can't stop staring at the bottle pictures. ❤ *sigh* I love nail polish bottles. Especially the sound they make when you bump them into each other. 😀

  9. >Thank you Jeanette =)Haha I love bottles, too! I love to hold a few upside down in my hands, like bouquets =D

  10. >Wow, thanks for the awesome comparison! Alas, too bad no dupes here, so I might just have to get most of the up and away polishes, hehehe

  11. >I like the Atlantis with Konad design! great comparisons too 🙂

  12. >Thank you Charis and Brooke =) Charis, this is the first collection I purchased as a whole. Definitely no dupes, and everything is unique. I love them! ❤

  13. >oh oh.. now 4 leaf color and Turned Up Turquoise is on my new wish list now.. thanks for sharing this.. i miss yah sweety

  14. >aww dear, you're welcome =) I'm missing you too, glad you're finally back!

  15. >love your manicure !!!

  16. >thank you lily =)

  17. >Omg the drooling just won't stop thank to you all, lol. These colors are absolutely GOR-Geous. Then seeing them all together just throws me in overload… I think I need to go polish shopping! 😀

  18. >I know the feeling =DDD ❤

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