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>Hey guys, I’m so happy today =) I’ve been waiting for this day for more than two months! I finally got my hands on the Up&Away collection, thanks to my friend Elizabeth, a.k.a. Lacquered Lizard. She was also very kind to get me not one but two Emerald Sparkle’s, some random polishes, and lots of candy!!!
On to the pictures then!

Tomorrow I’m going to post comparison pictures with other China Glaze’s I own, so that you have an idea =) (If you don’t have any yet! =)

Two Emerald Sparkle’s! The not so beautiful version I own is in the middle. See the difference? It’s muted, more on the teal side, and has more shimmer, which looks dull against the gorgeous glitter of the original one.
She also sent me these polishes:

Del Sol Island Fever, Sinful Colors Let’s Talk

Finger Paints Evergreen Dream & Sally Hansen Emerald City, Sally Hansen Haute Chocolate & Sally Girl Behave

Wet&Wild Craze, Ms.Manicure Mini Emery Boards, Curél Hand Lotion

Aaaand, lots of yummy stuff!!!

The M&M’s were gone within the hour =DDD I wish we had those sorts here! All we have is regular and peanut. *Sigh*
Thank you again, Elizabeth, for your patience, kindness and all the random act of kindness =))) I really appreciate everything =)
Finally this one is a marble manicure I tried today, with a sudden inspiration. I used a sheer blush as base and medium pink & white creme polishes for the marbling. Then I stamped the hearts randomly using plate m42 and special polishes in red & white. Yay, the brushes help so much with cleaning up after marbling! I recommend using a thick brush, it’s much better than using a cotton pad =)


  1. >YAY! I am doing a happy dance right now! So glad you liked all the special additions I put in there. I figured you trusted me to accept your order and forward it on to you, I could LOAD that box UP!! Price was the same up to 20lbs, so what the heck! I don't know if I told you that the Jelly Belly's and the Ghiradelli chocolates are both made right here in California. The Nips are my all time favorite candy because they satisfy my chocolate caramel craving for only 35 calories! YUM! I have never had the flavored M&M's but thought it would be fun to send to you…so glad you enjoyed them! (I'll add some to the next box! :D:D:D) This was really fun and I hope to do more in the future.

  2. >What a great package, that was so sweet of her!

  3. >I loveeeed the emerald sparkled ones.. beautiful color, indeed 🙂

  4. >WOWWOWOWOW. I LOVE that marbled mani, normally not a pink gal, but that looks AWESOME. Looks like you got one kick-ass package too. Lucky girl!

  5. >Stunning marbling manicure! *jaw dropps* ♥And fantastic haul and RAOK! Its so sweet of Elizabeth! :)We also only have the normal and peanut m&ms here. We do have Jelly Bellies though. 🙂

  6. >I love, really love jelly belly. We have a sweets shop here, where one can buy the sorts separate. :-)Cute Mani – I love Valentine-Manis! *-*

  7. >Wow… Your marbled nails look awesome! I'm too scared to try marbling. I like your previous manicure that is shown in your pictures (white with red hearts) as well! So cute! Glad you got some true Emerald Sparkle!

  8. >I love your marble

  9. >Thank you again, Elizabeth, I know we will =)))) Up&Away was so important to me, because I'm a creme and pastel fan. I'm glad you helped me get it and I made a friend like you! =)Thank you guys =) And thanks for liking the marble job! I was a bit more patient this time, and having a bigger brush certainly helped me to clean up the mess. I will do more marbling soon!I think we also have some jelly beans here, but not this brand. Not sure =) I love M&M's, I wish they were more generous with their flavors to Europe =D

  10. >I love the marble mani too, I have tried a few times and failed, so I would love to learn how you did it.

  11. >Of course =)First I filled a small plastic cup with water, then I added a drop of pink then white in the center of pink. I prodded the thing several times with a plastic toothpick, and when I had the desired shape, I dipped the surface of my nail in water. The trick is being quick with the polish after dropping, because it dries fast. Immediately after soaking my nail, I cleaned up around the nail with the toothpick, and I was sure I got every bit of polish out of the water. Then I cleaned around the water again, because the polish causes problems if much residue is left in the water. I did this for other nine nails =))) Then I coated the nails with top coat, and soaked my thick paintbrush in acetone, and cleaned my fingers. Then with a small flat brush, I cleaned the cuticles. Voila! =) By the way, I heard that fresh water could be even better than tap water!

  12. >Wow i really like your marbled nails, just gorgeous! a perfect look for valentine's day!

  13. >Thank you Chris =)

  14. >That is gorgeous! It reminds me of taffy!

  15. >thank you ainos =)

  16. >So great! You deserve so much attentions. ❤

  17. >=)))) Thannk you Nathalie =)

  18. >şeker gelirse bende istiyorum biraz 😛

  19. >@Oje Delisi tabi ki =))))

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