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>Today I have 2 manicures to show you. They were actually meant for the Valentine’s Day, but I don’t think they will last =) The first one is China Glaze Strawberry Fields. I did some konad on it too, which I hated immediately, so this is the only picture I’m going to show you. This is 4 coats, because I had visible nail line. Strawberry Fields is an odd polish. Everyone says it looks better on everyone else. So do I =) I like the pictures better than the real life version!

Then I have this manicure, which is a remake of Nail Junkie’s manicure, but not as beautiful. I realized that she stamped the hearts seperately, which is a better idea, because I was in a hurry and I had a hard time aligning them, trying not to smudge. The smaller side of the stamper works better on me. Plus, hers looks much cuter =)
I used a very stark white creme for this, and applied it very carefully. Then I went over it with a coat of sheer white, which is a good idea, because it smooths the surface and makes white more even and glossy. Then I stamped using m59 and special polish in red.

I think I’ve become addicted to cleaning cuticles with a brush. It’s fun, relaxing, and helps me to achieve nicer looking cuticles!


  1. >You have the prettiest pictures ever. I love your swatches 🙂

  2. >Love Strawberry Fields! I didn't expect to, but it's such a cute color. Your Konad is adorable for Valentine's Day!

  3. >Thank you Alexa and Nicole =))) ❤

  4. >Aww, I adore Strawberry Fields and I think it looks fabulous on you!! 😀

  5. >Thank you Catherine =) It's an interesting color, everybody I know thinks it looks better on someone else =D

  6. >I LOVE Strawberry Fields (I was just today considering painting it too… but I went for a quick half-day green instead! Back to pink tmrw, lol). But your Valentine's Day mani is ADORABLE!! I want it! it's so cute 🙂

  7. >Thank you Brooke =) I'm sure you can do it even better! Mine smudged a lot. Note to self: Be careful when dealing with red, it's as bad as the special black =)

  8. >Love the red and white hearts mani! Very cute!

  9. >What a cute Valentines's Day Konadicure! Simple and sweet. I don't know about CG's Strawberry Fields, I guess I have a Love-Hate connection with this polish. One day I think it looks good, the next I hate it. Crazy me 😉

  10. >Strawberry Fields is such a nice colour, I can't stop staring my nails when I wear it. And the Konad is too cute! Very Valentine. 🙂

  11. >They are very attractive these hearts

  12. >Both look great! Really in the Valentine mood:)

  13. >That is so cute!!!!

  14. >Love your Valentine's Day inspired konadicure! :)Strawberry Fields looks pretty. I haven't bought it yet but its on my wishlist since the release. 😀

  15. >thank you my friends =) I'm glad you liked it =) charis, you're right! I feel the same with this polish =) Not exactly hate, but I sometimes think it's an ordinary polish and sometimes I think it's spectacular =)jeanette, I believe it would look wonderful on you =)michelle, you lucky girl! I bet it looks wonderful on you… maybe because my skin has yellow undertones, it doesn't complement mine as it does with the pink undertones…

  16. >Your swatches are really nice. I also love your konad!! I have been thinking about getting involved with Konad, but I just have not taken the first step yet.

  17. >You really should! It's very easy and fun to do =) I'd love to see you do some konad =)

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