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>I got this yellow green a few days ago, and today I decided to give it a try. It’s by Claire’s and it’s very very streaky. I had to use thinner on a brand new bottle, which is always a minus for me. I had to do 4 coats, because it didn’t want to even out. This polish has a very, very subtle silver shimmer, which is very hard to see. You gotta know that it’s there to see it. Then I used konad special polish in green and vine design from plate m73. This mani has a very springy, fresh feel to it.

The brush I’m using to clean my cuticles:

It’s a flat paintbrush I got for 2$. It does a great job =)
I hate that the nails on my index fingers curl inwards after a certain length. The sides curl inwards on both sides and the tip appears more narrow compared to other nails. They look so uneven, is there a known way to prevent that? I’d be grateful =)


  1. >I love this mani, it's gorgeous!I've heard a tip on the nail board. They say that right after you get out of the shower, while your nails are still soft, put a drop of nail glue on the underside where you want it to straighten and gently press the sides out straight with the end of a makeup brush or pencil. Rumor is that after a few months of doing this your nails will be retrained to stop curling.

  2. >Oooo, that looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. >Love the greens you used- just beautiful!

  4. >Its so cute! very clean and fresh looking

  5. >Heyy that's the kinda brush I use too :-DLoving your mani, great color combination, it looks so soft and delicate.

  6. >beautiful mani :o) My index nails do the same thing, it is very annoying.

  7. >Wow! amazing! I love green! 🙂

  8. >very beautiful manicure!

  9. >I like it! Very much. =)

  10. >Thank you guys =) Evil Angel, I'll try the nail glue method, I hope it helps!

  11. >It is funny, I made almost the meme decoration, the memes colors just the konad plate(patch) which changes! Photos bientot on the blog

  12. >I love the combination, this floral is one of my favourite designs.Let us know if the glue-method works, the nails on my index fingers do the same thing. 🙂

  13. >Great color combo and it looks so sweet! ❤

  14. >Great color combination! Is it hard to clean up cuticles with a brush? I've really been wanting to give it a try! Also, I'm not sure how to stop the curling of your nails… mine are the complete opposite. My index fingernails grow flat! I hate it! I think it makes them more susceptible to breaking!

  15. >Thank you guys =) Pascale, I'm gonna have a look at yours! CucumPear, I'll let you know =) Thank you Thess! PH, I guess it should be somewhere inbetween – not too curly, not too flat =/ By the way, it's very, very easy to clean up with a flat brush =)

  16. >Wow, that is so gorgeous! I never thought of using a brush to clean my cuticles, probably beats cotton buds, I'll have to try it :)Btw, I've tagged you for an award on my blog (

  17. >Aww thank you Kim =) And also for the award =)

  18. >i love this konadicure 🙂

  19. >Thank you Lily! =D

  20. >I love this manicure! It makes me think of sipping mojitos in the spring sunshine with new green things popping up all over!

  21. >Haha thank you my dear =))))

  22. >my nails curled forever until now. my main problem was that my nails were just too thin to the point that they were very see thru my mom called them onion skin! anyway I've been using Seche Restore & NutraNail Green Tea Nail Thickener and my nails dont curl or even break anymore. oh and they're not thin and see through as they were.

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