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>Hi guys! I’m finally free! Yaaaay! Sleepless days and nights of hard work are finally over. Phew! Now I can attend to my konad stuff, and post regularly again =)
Jeanette from The Swatchaholic helped me to get my hands on some Essence and some P2 stuff. She is amazing! Thank you, Jeanette!

Here are all 3 polishes I ordered, and a fourth one, gift from Jeanette =)

P2 Electric (gift) and Dangerous

P2 Gorgeous and Elegant

Essence rhinestone sets! Yaay! =D

Finally, here is a recent manicure, Claire’s petroleum blue jelly with konad s09 and China Glaze DV8 for the stamping. The base color is beautiful, it’s a very dark teal, on the blue side, and it’s 4 coats for opacity. DV8 stamped subtle, but I like it =)

Oh, and this is my second attempt at cleaning the cuticles with a brush =) I got three paint brushes, one very tiny and two larger ones, and I’m amazed how they work =) Still need to practise to make it perfect, though. I’ll post pictures soon!



  1. >Great haul and that mani is gorgeous!

  2. >thank you, my dear =)))

  3. >Yay you've got your goodies! 😀 *happydances*I am happy that you like everything and I am looking forward to your future manicures with the nail polishes and rhinestones! :)Love your posted manicure too and yay for beeing free now! :)Could you make pictures of the brushes you bought for cleaning up your cuticles? I do have some from my old college stuff but they don't work that good. Your cleaning up looks perfect!

  4. >Thank you, Jeanette, for everything! I love all the stuff, they're amazing!!! =)))Of course I would, you can expect them by my next post =)

  5. >Pretty colors and I love the mani. Nice to have you back again. Looking forward to your creations! I too have found a good brush to use and I really loved Meganchair's tutorial!

  6. >You're right, she did an amazing tutorial!!! Thank you, it's good to be back and hear from you guys =)

  7. >you do amazing stamps on nails!

  8. >So glad to have you back!What a fabulous package, those colors are beautiful and I love Mani!

  9. >That P2 Gorgeous really looks gorgeous, I'm waiting to see your swatches! And I like your manicure, so strong and beautiful.

  10. >ils sont magnifiques ces vernis et la déco au top comme toujours !

  11. >Thank you Lisa, Evil Angel and Amabile, you guys are amazing!Merci beaucoup, pascale =)

  12. >That blue jelly is so pretty. I love jelly polish

  13. >Dangerous is gorgeous and I love your konadicure.

  14. >Thank you Ange-Marie and Sasha =)))I cherish Dangerous and Gorgeous sooo much!!!

  15. >Lovely haul and as always, a beyond perfect konadicure! Keep up the fantastic work!

  16. >Thank you very much, Charis ❤

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