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>This is my first attempt at Valentine’s Day Mani =) It’s kinda lame, I know =D Overly girly, even for me!
I used 4 coats of a sheer white polish, which looks pink on the nails in a strange way. OO – kay. Then I used plates m59 and m56, and my frankens which can be seen here and here for the stamping. I freehanded the alternating french tips.

What do you think about my french tips? I hate using m19, it’s far worse than the other french tip plates. I never seem to get it right! Are they OK this way or do you reckon I should learn to use it? =)


  1. >This konadicure is really adorable! I'll try to recreate this when my m59 arrives, thank you 😉

  2. >That is so cute!!!

  3. >I like overly girly :-P. It's really cute!

  4. >I love this! Great work :]

  5. >I think you did a great job on the tips and in this case overly girly is a good thing! Love it!

  6. >Super cute! As girlie as you can get and I like that! :)As for the konad, I think it looks just fine, and WAY better than I can do.

  7. >its adorable, I love it :o)

  8. >Thank you, guys =))))) I'm glad you liked it!

  9. >c'est vraiment très beau !et bonne st valentin

  10. >SOOOOO girly. =) But I like it!

  11. >=DDD thank you pascale and Sasha =D

  12. >I'd feel like a travestite is I was to wear something that girly. 😀 I'm not very girly/cute and how much I love that, I know hearts and bows are not for me. But I find that greatly adorable. Baby pink opaque on sheer pink is both classy and cute, I'll have to try this association someday! =)

  13. >hahaha you always make me giggle =DDDDoverly girly stuff is not always for me, it felt kinda weird so I took it off =) I should try a more classy valentine's mani =))))opaque on sheer looks so lovely, I agree =)

  14. >I think it is quite adequate for a sugary pink valentines day inspired konadicure. I personally am simply too stupid to use the konad templates to french my nails. so it's back to the good old freehand painting for me lol

  15. >aww you're not stupid! it's really hard to use them and I know many people are having difficulties with it =) And mastering the freehand is always safer, because you can draw the band as thick as you want =)

  16. >Deniz süper hepsi! bunu öğrenmenin bir yolu var mı? nasıl yapıyorsun?ingilizcem yok maalesef, yazdıysan da anlamamışımdır 😦

  17. >selam =) konad ile yapıyorum =)))google'da konad diye aratırsan bulabilirsin, hatta yapilis videolari bile var =)

  18. >I like it!, hearts are sweet 😉

  19. >Thank you Arie =)))

  20. >I love this, it's so cute! I definitely have to get those plates 🙂

  21. >Thank you, chocaddict! ❤

  22. >Schön! Du machst echt schöne Nageldesigns!:-D

  23. >hey babes, just to let you know, I nominated you for the Best Blog Award, you can find the details here:

  24. >Vielen Dank, Russländisch =)Thank you BabyD, awww it's an honor!

  25. >I LOVE your manicure! I just got konad for Christmas so my skill set is still poor but I really love what you did!

  26. >This is really cute!

  27. >Thank you my friends =))) ❤

  28. >Very cute! Reminds me of Valentine's Day!

  29. >Thank you =) It was actually inspired by Valentine's Day =)

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