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>Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence, it has been such a hectic week for me… Thank God, everything will be over on the 27th. Phew! That’s the bad thing about being a last minute person =)
Anyway, today I’m going to show you the nails from the past week. First: sunshine yellow jelly polish from Clarie’s & konad m53:

This was 5 coats!!! I loved this one, but sadly it was not fully dry for a few hours, and I managed to nick it at the cuticles, which I hate. Tips can be covered, but cuticles not =(

Then I have the coral/pink pastel polish, layered with China Glaze Pure Torture. I looooove Pure Torture, so happy I got it. I can layer one coat over any red, and it turns this gorgeous, bright, saucy red I love, and can’t find anywhere!!!

A layered konad using m74. I don’t know what was going on in my mind, I was sleepless for 32 hours that day =D

Then I did a full mani with China Glaze Glam:

Glam is sooo bumpy, and runny, I like it but I wasn’t very careful with the application, so it didn’t stay very long.

Finally, my current mani, inspired by the sudden snowstorm outside. I used the magnificent purple glitter polish I recently discovered, plate m59 and my latest silver polish find:

Don’t forget to take a look at Lacquer Link Love for 01/22/2010 over at Polishswatches!


  1. >OOoh, some nice mani's there. I love that yellow, but 5 coats! That is a lot LOL

  2. >Yes, definitely! Hopefully I'm getting my hands on Happy Go Lucky soon =)

  3. >I love the red/black/white konad! Very creative!

  4. >Thank you, Kirsten! ❤

  5. >5 coats is a lot… Looks pretty though 😀 But the snowstorm inspired mani is my favorite ❤

  6. >Thank you, Nea =)

  7. >Oh wow, I just love the last look. Gorgeous!

  8. >Love the yellow konad! And I'm not even a yellow color lover. =)

  9. >Thank you dear =))) Glad you liked it!!!

  10. >Aww thank you, Sasha =) It's a great compliment when someone likes something they're not usually fond of =)

  11. >I like the yellow too…tired of rain and it reminds me of sunshine and you can wear that yellow too! I really like the Konad M74 one too, kind of a psychedelic flower garden complete with white fence. CUTE!

  12. >Thank you, Lizbeth =) Never thought of the mani as a garden and fence before, great idea! =))))) I loooove yellows, but it's soo hard to find a good one… I'm eternally hopeful on Up&Aways!

  13. >Loving all the eyecandy! I think all manicures are really gorgeous! And wow @ CG glam! I love your current mani the most though, it just looks so delicate! And so appropriate since it's snowing here too, right now 🙂

  14. >Oh drool….those all look so gorgeous!

  15. >Thank you Michele and gildedangel =)

  16. >these are very cool! I need to get out of the box and layer my konads, too….looks great!

  17. >Thank you! Glad you liked it =))) You should definitely try layering, it's so much fun! =)

  18. >Hey, I missed you! 😉 I hope you'll have less crazy time. I'm not a last minute person but I know how it is. :DThe red/black/white mani is to die for. 🙂 I love how "Pure Torture" look. It's the kind of polish I'd buy only because of its name. The yellow Claire is surprisingly flattering. Yellow is hard to pull out but you always manage to make everything smooth and cute on your hands.Glam look gritty as hell. Ah ah, I'm getting crazy when I have gritty nails. :DI talk too much.

  19. >Nope, I enjoy reading your comments =)))) Unfortunately, it's always too late when I comment on you, and I talk less than I usually do =) I'm actually very chatty!Pure torture is such a flattering shade when layered over pinks/reds! I definitely recommend getting it if you can find =) I first wondered why I ever got it but now I'm in love!!!Thank you for your nice words =) So do you! I always love whatever you put on, you can always pull it off!!! <3Oh, to hell with gritty nails. To hell with thick, clumpy coats of polish. I want my polish coats to be thin, smooth and hard as rock!!! =DD

  20. >I love the first one and the last one (though they're all pretty, but everyone's bound to have a favourite rihgt? ^_^) but 5 coats for the yellow…OMG you're so patient! I would have given up long before that. Claire's polishes are annoying sometimes, there is no consistency in their quality, though a friend has told me they have come up with a fabulous new line that is super fast drying and has special brush (looks a bit like Sally Hansen's insta-dry brushes). I'll have to check those out.

  21. >Wow, pure goodness, all the pics are just perfect, though Pure Torture really stands out, just put it on my must have list (which is about 5 miles long, but what the heck…)

  22. >Thank you, chocaddict, my fave is the first one, too! Fortunately it was very fast drying, didn't need too much patience. And I hope we'll have their new line here! We have some of their new, wide-brushed polishes, but only a couple of colors, which didn't flatter me.Thank you, Charis =) Pure Torture is one of my new discoveries, I'm glad I purchased it at some place! Wish I didn't get Tantalize Me, though, it was a disaster!!! =D

  23. >Beautiful! Just beautiful!

  24. >I sooooo love the last one, I wasn't planning but now I'll have to get m59 disc too 😛

  25. >Aww thank you guys =)))) ❤

  26. >The snowflake mani is amazing!!!

  27. >I love the nails, but the snowflake mani just takes my breath away. Those colors are amazing luv.

  28. >Aww, thank you Niki and PBN =DDDDD

  29. >I LOVE the one inspired by the snowstorm. I love the purple glitter polish. I am obsess with all purple things. I also love the texture of China Glaze Glam even though it's chunky.

  30. >Thank you greenmilktea =)))

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