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>My quest in search of the perfect application continues. Lol =) Today I applied OPI Black Cherry Chutney. I’m not really fond of OPI’s Pro Wide Brush. I personally like China Glaze’s brush a lot better. OPI is too wide for my clumsy hands! After 3 coats, I layered it with a local brand polish, which is a sheer pink and has blue & pink shimmer in it. It somehow enhanced BCC’s own shimmer. Then I used plate m53 to stamp and purple rhinestones to bling it out.

Finally, here is yesterday’s mani before I took it out, stamped with special polish in yellow using plate s09:



  1. >Love it hun! Such a gorgeous manicure! 🙂 I also love the rhinestone-bling! =)

  2. >Thank you, sweetie =)

  3. >fabulous, love that colour!

  4. >BCC is one of my favorites and the konad is perfection! ❤

  5. >Thank you BabyD and Evil Angel =))) ❤

  6. >Gorgeous as always!

  7. >oooh YUM!

  8. >thank you my lovely friends =)))

  9. >Again, lovelyness in perfection…love how you make the combination of a fairly bold color (black cherry chutney) and a fragile looking stamping work. Well done!

  10. >I think your application looks great! And so do your nails 🙂

  11. >Aww thank you Charis =) And it's a great compliment coming from you, Michele =) (Sorry, my keyboard doesn't support the grave E)

  12. >i really love these looks 🙂 although i can't agree with you about OPI's brush, i love it!

  13. >Thank you Kellie =) I thought I would absolutely love it, too, but I guess the reason I can't get the most of it is because of myself =)

  14. >very very beautiful!

  15. >thanks camy =)

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