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>I showed this franken before, but I wanted to wear it today anyway. It’s a very light mint green, more on the blue side, very similar to Mint Candy Apple. I love the color, but the quality is bad, it’s very streaky, and this one is 4 coats. Not because it’s not opaque, because it didn’t want to even out.
I thought I could apply polish well, until I saw Lacquerized. She applies flawlessly. How can she maintain her cuticles so perfectly? I’m stunned, such gorgeous nails and application! O_o My next goal: Make cuticles perfect and practise, till you apply better.

It looks too bright on the second pic, the flash one is color accurate.
I also want to draw your attention to my friend Elizabeth’s blog, Lacquered Lizard. She started a nail blog only yesterday, and her nails are beautiful, take a look!


  1. >Beautiful color!!

  2. >Thank you, gildedangel =)

  3. >Gorgeous!

  4. >Pretty color! And thanks for the mention! 🙂

  5. >Thank you my dears =) Liz, you totally deserve the mention! =)

  6. >Whoa! You weren't kidding. Her nails are perfect! Must have a LOT of patience! … Your nails look great too! What a nice "franken". I've never made any of my own colors before. To be quite honest, I'm a little intimidated by it 🙂

  7. >You're quite good at making a great application too and your cuticles seem to be pretty healthy! But it's true that Lacquerized's nails are perfectly done and incredibly unreal.This mint green is beautiful. Very fresh. I think it's slightly more yellow and lighter that the Essie mint green, though.

  8. >I still love your franken and I like to see it again! Such a gorgeous color! :)I am looking forward to your Gorgeous manicure soon! =D

  9. >Good job on the Franken! Lovely nails btw 🙂

  10. >Thank you for liking the color, PH! You should try frankening, too =) You can experiment with cheaper polishes, if you don't like the result, you can throw them away =)Thank you, Nathalie =) Her nails are utopic! I also want to have them perfect like she does =) And you're right, mine is definitely lighter, and maybe even a touch more yellow. Sadly I don't have MCA to compare…Thank you Jeanette =) Oh, how much I want to get my hands on Gorgeous!Thank you, Michele =) Your nails have been a milestone for me!

  11. >I think those nails are pretty perfect to me! The color is gorgeous as well. I don't love applying Mint Candy Apple to be honest – it is streaky and requires some serious patience!

  12. >Oh man I somehow totally didn't see that you wrote about me! *hangs head in shame*.You're so sweet!I think your application is pretty perfect also, don't know what you're talking about!The thing is, I just apply nail polish very slowly, with my both hands resting on my desk. And when I do have a smudgy line around the cuticles, I just take out a small stiff brush with some acetone and follow the lines of my cuticle, so easy! ❤

  13. >Very pretty franken. I love the color. I can't polish my nails nicely to save my life. The darker the color the worse mess I make! I just put in an order to TransDesign and Mint Candy Apple isn't available! I hope I can find it somewhere else online.

  14. >Looks so pretty on you!

  15. >Thank you, scarlettholly… Yes, I'm tired of streaky cremes. I need one smooth as butter these days, I'm tired of trying to even them out!Michele, thank you for the tip, I should try that… And your cuticles are so perfect, I wonder what you're using =) I also don't really like my nailshape, I wish they were more even like yours… Sigh!Thank you Lucy =) I had too much trouble in the past, but now I'm better at cleaning when I mess up. I saw a few days ago that MCA is unavailable, too, why don't you try Head2ToeBeauty?Thank you Arie =)

  16. >I like this color and I find the perfect application

  17. >What a gorgeous color! *drops jaw*

  18. >Thank you pascale =)))Aww, thank you Sasha =D Very easy franken, find a good white, not streaky (unlike mine) and add blue drop by drop, then green, until you achieve the desired mint green =)

  19. >Oh what a lovely shade of pale minty goodness! *jawdrop* Well done! As for the cuticles, Auntie Charis Cuticles could need some TLC too, I should have made THAT my New Years resolution, duh *winkwink*

  20. >Thank you Charis =)))) I'm glad you liked it! Don't let me even start about my own cuticles! I don't understand how they can be so dry when I throughoutly moisturize them every single day!!!

  21. >I love the Mint Green color. I'm no usually a fan of any green but this is so pretty!

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