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>Maybe you have realized, I love Butterflies. And bows. Bows are some of my favorite images, especially those huge ones on m59. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to have them show up as a whole, my nails are too narrow for them. But I don’t care! By the way, I’m getting better and better at completing the missing parts of the images =) But I can only do that with konad polishes at the moment, because with other polishes, I’d have to work at the speed of light =)))
This is a regular red creme polish, layered with one coat of China Glaze Pure Torture, to make it warm and saucy. I love bright, warm reds, so vintage and glamorous! I still need the perfect red, and although it’s a cool one, Bangin’ from the RBL spring collection seems to be just the perfect red for me. I’ll try to get my hands on it, for sure =)
Anyway, I layered the manicure with one coat of Inglot 202 and stamped with m59 and special polish in white. The result:

One day I’ll be able to fit all those bows on my nails! Hear my oath!!! =D



  1. >looks gorgeous! I just love those bows on M59, like you they won't fit on my nails, haven't tried them yet, will have to give them a go, they are too cute!

  2. >Thank you BabyD =) I have to put them on diagonally, but they're still too big! You gotta be careful to begin stamping at the edge of the nail, then there is a chance they'd fit =D

  3. >They are so cute!!!! I'm a bowlover as well, also in my house!

  4. >Beautiful outcome!

  5. >Thank you, ladies =))) ❤

  6. >That is so cute!!!

  7. >The bows fit your nails well on an angle like that. I can't wait to try it!… Inglot must be flakes, huh? It makes the red look like lava! I love it!!

  8. >Thank you gildedangel =)PH, yes, inglot is the orange/green flakes… It looks hot, but I don't think I'm much of a flakes person 😉 Even on that angle, you have to start at the very edge, otherwise the other end still doesn't fit! =D

  9. >Pure Torture? Not only it's gorgeous and vibrant but it also have the best name ever. The second pic is beautiful. You're very good at photographing! (Red+White=winner association)

  10. >Nathalie, I got that polish mostly for the name =D It's from a very old collection, I guess… It's a tomato red/orange, but too sheer on it's own, vnl even at 4 coats… But it certainly spices up the reds I own, because red polishes here are mostly cool toned, and I need a bright, warm one =)Thank you so much, it was so hard to photograph! =)))

  11. >Very attractive and I too like the butterflies, I have meme one of it tattooed on the ankle this red go to you very well

  12. >thank you, pascale =) I'd love to see your tattoo!

  13. >I love it. So cute. I just noticed your poll, good one! You left off "all of the above, depending on my mood" which would be me. 🙂

  14. >Oh =) I know what you mean! Exactly like me =)

  15. >I love this 😀 So cute 🙂

  16. >Thank you Rijah =)

  17. >You can see my butterfly on the page 12 DE MY BLOG

  18. >Love this manicure Deniz! It is so cute and the flakies look stunning! 🙂

  19. >thank you guys =) pascale, I've seen your tattoo, it's beautiful!thank you, jeanette =)))

  20. >This is adorable! You have many bow lovers here. I love that red and the gold glow is perfect.

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