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>I’m officially the queen of lame names =D Anyway, I hated yesterday’s mani so much, that I had to change it. My friend Jeanette from the-swatchaholic has done a wonderful mani recently, inspired by MAC’s Love Lace collection. OMG, it’s exactly my taste! I liked it so much that it inspired me to do something similar. Although mine is not nearly as nice as hers, I still put a lot of effort to avoid ruining it =D And I guess I’m going to get MAC Light Affair, or it’s dupe, Essie Body Language.
This mani is made of 4 coats of OPI Tickle My France-y, lace image from konad plate m37, special polish in black and freehanded french tips. The first image is taken with flash, but although the color is not correct, I like it because it looks so eerie =D

Without flash:

I even managed to stamp side-by-side =) I guess I’m proud of myself =D

It has been 18 days since I’ve started Barielle, and I guess my nails actually grew somehow slower. !How is this even possible? =) I’ll continue using the product, but I honestly can’t say it made my nails grow any faster. If I’m not terribly mistaken, this product is waste of money, growth-wise.


  1. >This is perfect. I ordered this plate a few days ago to do simmilar looks. Really great!

  2. >I think that's really beautiful.

  3. >Thank you, my dears =)))) ❤

  4. >That is gorgeous!!! That mani is so classy and elegant!

  5. >Thank you, gildedangel! Oh, how much time it consumed! I literally had to work as precisely as a surgeon! =D

  6. >Well done, Konad Queen. 🙂 I love the lingerie spirit, it's very sexy. Tickle My France-y is one of my fav polish ever, a real go-to shade and I love it because it is so more naughty than it seems.

  7. >This is amazing!

  8. >What a elegant mani! I really like this 🙂

  9. >Thank you, guys =) Nathalie, I also think it's very chic and somehow, naughty =)Thank you Leanne and Nea =) ❤

  10. >GORGEOUS!! *claps*

  11. >Thanks =DD *blush*

  12. >Ooohh!! SAXY! Good Job!

  13. >OMG I love this, I have this plate but am way too scared to use this design as I know I would never get it stamped side by side as you have done. Well done you!!! It looks amazing.

  14. >This is soo gorgeous and delicate, plus I love that neutral!! have you sent that to ALU's Mannequin Hands?

  15. >I love this mani, it's so elegant! Tickle my Francey is one of my favourite polishes! I may have to test this mani!! Thank you xx

  16. >I love gorgeous girly lacey manis like this. Gorgeous

  17. >thank you guys =) BabyD, I thought it would be impossible to line them up side by side, but my trick was to align the design parallel to the sides of the stamper. I stamped the thumb in the middle, then filled the sides with two additional stamps. I didn't dare to stamp the two halves, either!Brooke, no, I didn't send my hands to ALU because I thought the design would be too much =) If I thought of taking a photo before stamping, maybe I could =))Thank you Danica, Diva's Polish and Thess =)))

  18. >So gorgeous Deniz! Now you make we want to get both m37 and Tickle My France-y! :DI had to work like a surgeon on my Lace manicure too. It os so much work to get the lace motifs right on the nail. I had to redo three nails but I just love classy looks like cremes with Lace motifs. :)*continues to stare at your stunning konadicure*

  19. >Thank you, Jeanette! I feel the same for your nails! I'm still not over your konadicure! =DDD Today I'm going to visit MAC to see if they have Light Affair =) Oh, the stamping was really some piece of work, I can't imagine doing the same with metallics =) ❤

  20. >As usual it is completed, I like very much it is simple and elegant

  21. >you have outdone yourself, this is too lovely!

  22. >Thank you pascale and charis ❤

  23. >They look really gorgeous! Maybe I have to check that konad plate too ^_^

  24. >Aww thank you =))) You should def. check that plate, that design is worth it on its own!

  25. >Very pretty, such a classy look! Love the color combo.

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