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>Today I decided to give Meteor Shower one more chance. Well, although it’s a stunning color, I can’t say the same thing for the formula. Long story short, I’m not too fond of it. I will use this occasionally, but it really disappointed me. I was expecting a gorgeous polish with a dreamy formula, I guess… Maybe I should have applied even more carefully.
Anyway, I stamped the nails using the chrome polish I last mentioned. Although it was very good for stamping, opacity-wise, it’s so slow drying that it smudged when I stamped. Do you know what I mean? Other polishes are most of the time already tacky when delivered on the stamp, and they don’t smudge, but this one did. I had to remove 7 nails and re-do them. I guess I’ll let it wait a bit before stamping the next time I use it.
Here is another simple mani using konad plate m54:

And finally, here is the award BabyD, Danica, gildedangel, kelsealaurel and kelliegonzo tagged me, thank you guys! If I’m missing out anybody, I’m sorry! My head was so busy in the last few days =/

7 Facts About Me

  • I have never been a girly-girl. My nails are the only thing extravagant about me. I never had dolls, I played with teddys and stuffed animals. I don’t own any high-heels, clutches, low-cut tops, etc. I run around wearing a T-Shirt, jeans and chucks most of the time =)
  • I met my boyfriend on sheer coincidence, and we were together in less then 24 hours. He was living in another city, I didn’t even want to go to that place the day before, and me and my parents had a little row. I gave in, sulking. =) The funny thing is, I never believed in love at first sight before I met him.
  • I love console games. I own Wii, DS and PS3, with 20, 34 and 7 games respectively. I was a game collector before I started collecting polishes. This hobby is more economic, for sure =) Guys somehow don’t believe I can like console games. Huh?
  • I love being at home. I can entertain myself endlessly at home =) I always invent stuff to do, I re-read my books, I play games, read blogs, do my nails, talk to myself and think about tutorials&videos. The only thing I can’t do is study. I was a very good student until college, but now I just want to be over with it. =/
  • I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. Due to some strategic mistakes, I couldn’t study medicine. Although I’m kinda glad I didn’t, I still have a thing for medicine. I love to watch House MD =)
  • I wish I had a cat. If my parents allowed, I would rescue a cat from the street or fostercare right away. I have a special bond with cats, I think I can understand their nature well =) Saying that, my boyfriend has a cat, and I’m extremely jealous of her! How stupid is that???
  • I hate getting wet. I feel like I will never dry properly again. Especially in winter. =/ Not fun.

I’m tagging everyone on my blogroll who has not been tagged yet =) Sorry that I wasn’t very clear, but I’m so sleepy at the moment!


  1. >Aww, I'm so happy to read those things about you! You're an interesting girl, Deniz. :)I adore animal, especially cats. I've lived among them since I was a baby. I have a special bond to them. I think I get along cats better than with human beings. I sometimes think I'm a cat in a woman's skin. Beside, you're not the only girl to love console games! I used to be a huge shoot'em up player back at the end of the 90's (you know Quake and all those things). Now I own a PSP. I play less but I still love love that. =)Beside, how is the formula of Meteor Shower? I own only one special CG polishes (Preppy Pink) so far and I didn't like the formula. It's like a strange gel, thick and very weird to apply. And it smells funny, like plastic.

  2. >That mani is super cute! I love cats too, I am very much a cat person!

  3. >Whehe, I own a Wii, DS, PSP, PS2, Nintendo 64, Gamecube… =X You go girl! Nice mani!

  4. >I love your mani, even if the application was a pain! Good to read your facts! They were interesting. Glad to read that you are a believer in "love at first sight"! Nice to hear you have found your love AND you are a cat lover! I love cats too!

  5. >Love the nails. I really need that stamp! I'm not a huge fan of the floral prints but this one is quite attractive to me! It is too bad that you say you are ready to be done with college. It was the best 4 years of my life. I wish I was back in school! 🙂

  6. >Hey Nathalie =) I have the same feeling about cats, I feel like I'm a cat trapped in human skin =) Maybe that's why I hate getting wet! =DThe formula of Meteor Shower is exactly like you described. Imagine the gloopy, bad smelling jelly in navy, that's all. I'm not an application novice anymore, yet I had too much trouble applying it. It stains the cuticles, too =/ Not impressed. I had to use 4 coats of topcoat for 2 coats of polish, not normal!Thank you gildedangel, Thess, Diva's Polish =)Polish Hoarder, that's because I have a major I don't really like. I'm not exactly built to be a computer engineer. It's too geek's stuff, even for me. I should have studied either medicine, art, design or something like international relations. College life is not very much like in the USA. Not in a bad way, but still, different. =)

  7. >I almost bought meteor shower a few weeks back, but I have heard a few people moan about its formula, shame as it looks so nice. The mani looks gorgeous, I love that konad too, just ordered that plate myself for that very design!You deserve the award, your blog is brilliant, love it.

  8. >thank you, BabyD =) I put a glitter order just to get my hands on that polish, and it's sad that the formula is so bad. and the smell =(

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