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>Yesterday I found a silver chrome polish, which made me really happy. I can stamp with it, and I thought it was impossible with Turkish brands. Although it’s not as opaque as Romantiques or Khromes, it’s a good substitute, and clearly visible on the nail. Anyway, I used the silver as a base, it was opaque in one coat, but I did two. Then I stamped using image plate m41 and special polish in black. The topcoat is bubbly, I know, it indicates that I need a new one =) I mattified the whole thing using China Glaze Matte Magic. There is a rhinestone sitting on my middle nail, because I nicked it right after I finished putting the topcoat on.

If you can feel the uncreativity these days, it’s normal =) I sleep through the day and study through the night, I’m moody, bemused, cranky the whole time. I hope it’s over soon, and I hope I’ll survive the stress!
Oh, I keep forgetting about my Blog Award. Shame on me. I’ll make up for it, I promise =(



  1. >these beautiful butterflies!

  2. >I like the ambiance of the first picture. It seems so quiet and sweet. ❤ (And that ring is beautiful, I have a little weakness for wide and a tad masculine silver ring!). You make me long my 2 konad plates. I checked all of them before purchasing mines but would have never thought the butterfly on the 41 was so pretty! So many ideas cross my mind with that design. You're evil desguised in sweetness, aren't you? 😉

  3. >Thank you Pascale =)Nathalie, Thank you =) I actually used a tripod to take that one =D The ring is my engagement ring of 4,5 years =) Although it's a bit wide, I don't even feel that it's there. My guy's is more narrow and matte, while mine is shiny =) Below is a picture from 4,5 years ago, look at how I couldn't apply nail polish properly at all! =D, I didn't want to be evil to you =DDDD Haven't you received the plates yet? I can't wait to see what you'll come up with! =)

  4. >I think this is so pretty and mellow. I think we might deem you the butterfly queen! lol

  5. >Thank you, Andreia =) I have a thing for butterflies, oh how many butterfly things I own! Konad shares my passion for them, putting a butterfly or two on every plate =)

  6. >I want a chrome too… Buááááááááá!

  7. >Very pretty shade of polish. Love the butterflies. Good idea to use nail jewelry for a nick. I'll have to remember to do that. First I have to buy the jewelry!

  8. >Thank you, guys =) I have to invent things because I nick manis so often! =D

  9. >It is a pretty combo though and I love the idea of using rhinestones to cover boo-boos.

  10. >Haha, thank you Kirsten =))) Lol, Boo boos! =D

  11. >When I saw this, I thought to myself – she finally got that ChG Millenium. =) It looks great on you!

  12. >I love all of your pictures and nail art. I love your blog. I gave you an award on my blog, check it out. Keep it up. Good luck through the new year.

  13. >That looks beautiful!!!

  14. >Sasha, I'm still not over Millenium =) It will be mine someday =)Thank you Danica, for your kindness and also for the award =) Have a wonderful year, too!Thank you, gildedangel =)

  15. >Gorgeous manicure! I always love when you do a butterfly konadicure! 🙂

  16. >thank you, jeanette =DDD I would love to see a konad genius like you do one!

  17. >Well, malgrés all your diffulcutés the resultat is plutot indeed I I like very much and anyway I am a fan of your work

  18. >thank you pascale <3<3<3

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