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>Things were a bit hectic and rocky in the last few days. I didn’t even want to paint my nails, imagine such a thing! =) I still keep admiring the Konad set, something that cheers me up quite a bit everytime I do. Today I tried one of the individual plates I received, m62. First I did a black base, then layered it with China Glaze Tinsel. Finally, I stamped the tinsel-like ribbon in white. It’s a simple but delicate design, and I really like it.


Right hand:

I went over the designs in speed of light, but they still bleed a little. The designs look like they have a white shadow underneath, that’s because I didn’t use Konad topcoat. But it’s only noticable with Flash, not a big deal.
I have a special thing in mind for New Year’s Eve. And I’m gonna be doing interesting konad designs soon, I mean as soon as I’m done with this stupid project. The deadline is in 24 days, wish me luck.



  1. >I like it too, it's adorable. Dark, girly and precious. How are you? 🙂 Wow, you're having 99 followers already! Congrats. 🙂 And you started after me! It's further proof my blog sucks, ah ah! (I'm sad actually)Because of the big cold on here, I've had frostbite on 3 fingers of my right hand. They were like dead, painful and numbed. Eww. I didn't want to paint my nail because of that. I've cured it now (with hot celery juice) and it's fine! 🙂

  2. >I think it turned out beautiful, it has a lace feel to it!I use Seche Vite over konad and I never get bleeding or smears.

  3. >Hey, Nathalie! =) Never say that again, your blog cannot ever suck! It's one of the first I've started following, and I absolutely love it =))) I've just followed people here and there to gather ideas, and I guess they were curious and returned to my blog to have a look =) Don't be sad ❤ Aww, frostbite is something I'm really afraid of =( Did you forget your gloves, or was it in spite of gloves?Thank you, Evil Angel =) I think of ordering Seche Vite, too, but I'm afraid I might get addicted and no other topcoat would satisfy me anymore =) See, I can't get my hands on the US stuff everytime… =) Baww!

  4. >I think it's lovely. I use the SV over my konad sometimes as well and have never had issue.

  5. >Hi Trincess! That looks nice! Having a kit like yours, a girl couldn't ask for more!Today i did a mani with stamp and when i used the top coat of konad it all went blur… Maybe i should wait a bit before the top coat, i don't really know… For konad i usually use the konad top coat. Besides that i use the Kiss with diamond particles.Kiss

  6. >Thank you =) I think I might use konad topcoat and then seal it with a quick dry one. =)

  7. >Dear Trinca-Espinhas, I do this trick and it usually works: Put a glob of topcoat on the bottom of the nail, then swipe quickly, without touching the brush to the design. I get close to perfect results with that. If you are not careful with the brush, it smears the design. You can put your nails in cold water for a few seconds after konad, too, it makes the design seal better =)

  8. >so adorable!! Great color combination too.

  9. >Ooooo, that is gorgeous!!!

  10. >Thank you, lovely friends =)))

  11. >Thank you for the tip!

  12. >You're welcome =)

  13. >Ooh this is so pretty! I love your Konadicures!

  14. >Thank you, Anna =)))

  15. ><3 You're not only talented, you are also so kind, Deniz. =)

  16. >♥♥♥♥♥!

  17. >they look uhmazin'

  18. >Another great manicure… And I'm sending you positive vibes!

  19. >Thank you, scarlettholly =)Thanks, Sasha =) Also for the vibes =)))

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