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>A very, very dear friend of mine sent me this gift, with great help of Kathleen from OC Nail Art. We don’t have Christmas in my country, but this is seriously the biggest New Year’s gift I’ve ever received. It’s Konad Professional Salon Case! Oh my God, I’m lost for words…
On to the pictures. Sorry they are kinda dark, I hastily took them and the indoors light is never enough! I guess I need my own Crappy =)

She also included a few extra plates, m48, m53, m54, m55, m62, m68, m70 and s09.

My card holder, used to protect individual plates:

Professional Salon Case includes images from 1-45 (last 9 are individual), 3 stampers, 3 scrapers, 19 polishes (2xwhite, black, black pearl, blue, sky pearl, dark orange, pastel orange, dark purple, royal purple, violet pearl, green, red, wine red, silver, gold, yellow, pink, pastel pink), 2 top coats, 1 base coat, cuticle oil, plate holder, one touch remover bottle, 2 acrylic sticks, Konad rhinestones, body glue, arched buffer, emery board, nail trimmer, tweezer and sponges.
I’m so, so happy. I can’t even tell. I can’t wait to use this set, make tutorials, etc. Thank you, my sweet friend, for your consideration and good heart ♥ =)
I almost own every plate now. 8 are missing from the m plates, and I only have 2 s plates, because I don’t really like the rest of them. I’m pretty pleased with my collection =)

For request reference, here are all the plates I don’t own:
m46, m47, m49, m52, m58, m61, m67 and m72
Any s except s06 and s09


  1. >Hot damn! Thats awesome. Merry Christmas.

  2. >Great present!!!! Can I come and play at your house. I'm lonely.

  3. >My mind is positively blown away!Thank you, Merry Christmas to you, too =)

  4. >You're always welcome in my house, Sasha =)I feel stressed out, too… Let's play together =))

  5. >A really great present.I'm sure you will have fun with this (I would :-D).

  6. >Thank you! Finally got it released from customs, and it's mine =)))))Time for a star mani for New Year's Eve!

  7. >Neat! You'll have so much fun with that.

  8. >Thank you, CucumPear =) I will!

  9. >*jawfloor* Wow, what a fantastic present; I can't imagine a more perfect present for you! I can't wait to see what beautiful manis you can make with that kit!

  10. >Thank you, gildedangel =) I still can't pick up my own jaw off of the floor =D

  11. >Holy Crap!!!! That is amazing. I am super excited for you, what a lovely gift from a wonderful friend! Can't wait to see all the creations you can make!

  12. >Thank you, kelsealaurel =) I still fail to find the words to describe her kindness, I'm amazed at her generosity. I can't wait to do a mani, so excited!

  13. >Ooooh, how lovely! Do you know where they got the card holder? I've been looking for something to hold my konad plates forEVER!

  14. >Wauw what a cool present ;D Looking forward to see some more konading 😉

  15. >Wowwww! How awesome!! Totally can't wait to see what you do with the set! :DMerry Christmas!! 😀 😀 😀

  16. >MoLo, the card holder belongs to me =) It cost me just a dollar, if you're interested, I can send one to you =) Just contact me via e-mail.Thank you guys =) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! =)

  17. >Wow what a fantastic gift! Congratulations! :)And I love the card holder! I am looking for something like this forever too! :'(I am looking forward to more Konadicures from you with this wonderful kit! 🙂

  18. >It would be pretty economic to send you a card-holder to Germany =)

  19. >Color me Konad Green with envy! Wowza, what a gift!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  20. >Aww, thank you so much =))) You don't even need Konad with skills like yours! =D

  21. >Omg I'm so jealous right now !! This is amazing, have fun with it :DD though I'm sure you will hehe~

  22. >Well you definitely had a Merry Christmas! ^_^That's a wonderful gift, I can't wait to see the pretty konadicures you'll do with it.

  23. >Thank you guys, you're so sweet =))))

  24. >WOW! That is a awesome gift! How very nice of her to give you this… You can have many playdates with your friends! Hours and hours of playing with konad….*wake me up!! 😀

  25. >Aww =) Drop by, and we can play together =) Sadly, only a few of my friends are interested, so I do mom's nails most of the time =))) I'd love to have playdates, though!

  26. >I would have love to come, only my house lives a bit to far away! 😀

  27. >Do you live in Amsterdam? I have been there once =) Maybe next time? =)

  28. >Thank you so much Deniz! 🙂 <3I'd love to join a big nail art slumber party too! 😀

  29. >You're always welcome in my home =)))

  30. >I have the same case and it's the most amazing thing all over the EarthEnjoy it

  31. >I can't agree more =D

  32. >I am Happy and Jealous at the same time. WOW what a nice friend. 🙂

  33. >Thank you, Elizabeth =) She is a lovely and generous person like you =)

  34. >Awe that is so awesome! I'm hoping to get something like that for my 21st from my boyfriend, but knowing him who knows.The card holder is awesome too. I've been looking for something like that but they dont have them here in Australia, it sucks :(Love your blog too btw, only recently started looking but I love your style. Again great post 🙂

  35. >ağzımın suları aktı 😥

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