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>Today’s nails are leopard print from m57 on a medium cool pink. Then I added pastel pink dots in the middle of the spots using my self-made freehand brush and my last franken. I poured some polish on the konad plate holder, and dipped the brush very lightly into the polish to do tiny dots. I like the result. I smeared the thumbs a bit, because the base was not completely dry. But the rest went without smudging, and that’s with black special polish and without the Konad topcoat, so I’m proud. The pastel pink dots look like they got smeared a bit, but it’s not noticable IRL, and the mani looks fun, especially from a distance.

And my rarely shown right hand. It was hard to freehand with my left one, as you can see =)

I’m having a hard time these days about my college and personal life. If you read this, please take a few seconds to wish me luck and strength to deal with the issues. (In your hearts, of course, I didn’t mean comments =)


  1. >Well, I'm gonna wish you luck and strength in my heart AND in the comments, because I love this mani so much! The leopard print on M57 is probably my favourite Konad image ever and I'm always looking for new ways to spice it up 🙂 thanks for this! x

  2. >Aww, thank you for your words, Leanne =) I think about doing this with a mint green base and a darker teal as dots =)

  3. >WOW, gorgeous<3 I agree, it's difficult to do the same mani on both hands, but you did it great!

  4. >Wow those are so nice ! 😀 Would love to be able to do them 😀

  5. >Thank you, guys…Rijah, it's really easy to do =) I suggest you to give it a try!

  6. >Another great manicure! I love it and I know what you mean about the smears… It's not noticeable IRL, so who cares! 🙂

  7. >How fun and lively! I like the addition of the pastel pink spots. Everything looks great to me!!

  8. >That is so cute, I love it!

  9. >I love your blog and your manicure today and I'm sure a lot of your followers will wish you luck and strength. I do.

  10. >I love how this turned out, it is so cute! I will wish you all the best anyway because you should know the nail polish community is behind you all the way! Love to you!

  11. >Aww thanks everyone… I'm feeling better already, better things have happened since =) And thanks for liking the mani, I miss my longer claws but that will do for now =)

  12. >That's so pretty!

  13. >Thank you, Camy ^^

  14. >Love that 🙂

  15. >Gorgeous leopard mani! I wish you lots of strength and send positive thoughts on your way ❤

  16. >I found your nail blog just recently and have been visiting it every day hoping for an update. :DI'm sorry rl sucks right now but I'm sure everything will work out soon enough, good luck <3!

  17. >Thank you guys, for the support and love =) Aww! ❤

  18. >I come a bit late but…. Keep strong and keep standing, lovely lady. I've just let behind an horrible phasis in my life. It's still a sad mess, with lots of issues but the worst is behind. And I'm still in one piece. I'm with you! =) And this leopard mani is truly beautiful. Me who thought leopard pattern was only for old ladies (at least in my country)! 😉

  19. >Thank you Nathalie… I'm ashamed that I didn't have proper time to answer your last e-mail. Sigh. I can really understand how it feels, though… I think God is putting me through this for a reason, and I try to realize where I'm making mistakes and make up for them. This is the way I can cope with my issues. I'm not very religious, but I'm spiritual, and if I open up my heart and cry for help, it's usually heard.Thank you for sticking with me =)

  20. >I'm not a religious person either but I also think that if we are put in hard things (by our fault or by fate's fault), it is to learn from them, to overcome, get richer, be higher and become a better person. The most important thing is to feel we're not alone and feel somewhere that some caring people stick to us. Big hug, my dear. 🙂 And don't worry at all about the email. We keep in touch on here. 🙂

  21. >The mani looks gorg! Might just have to buy that konad plate, I only have one atm (m71). I need to practice a little bit more with the konad though.And my thoughts are with you, no matter what your going through! Things wil always challenge you in life, but what ever does always makes you stronger ❤

  22. >I just discovered your blog and I love what you do!

  23. >Thank you guys =) Nathalie, you are so right, exactly what I think. *Hugs*Kelly, I see your work on Spectra, I think you do great for a Konad newbie =) If you don't give up or get bored, and find some inspiration around, you can get addicted =) The designs on Konad m71 are a bit too detailed and tiny, maybe you should obtain a plate with bolder images, that can help =)Thank you pascale, so do I feel for your blog! =D

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