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>I’m sad at this point because this is the last time for a while that you’re seeing my long nails. Yesterday in bed I managed to break my left pinky, which has been growing for 4 months now… I was kinda furious but I calmly picked my nail clipper and cut my nails to little nubbins. At least now they can grow together. Arrgh. Why does this keep happening? My pinky is so short now that I’m gonna have to take pictures of my right hand for a while.
Anyway, here is China Glaze Custom Kicks, three coats as usual, but 2 would be just fine.

They say Flyin’ High from the Up&Away Collection is close to Custom Kicks, minus the golden shimmer. So I’m trying to kill my lemming with these while waiting for Up&Away. =)


  1. >Don't be sad Deniz. You're nails are wonderful long or short! I think my Flyin' High is more greenish than Custom Kicks. At least on your nails. I do think this shade is gorgeous and I think I'll add it to my wishlist. =)

  2. >I've debated about this color for a while – but it is SO gorgeous. I'll be adding it to my next polish order – maybe even Flyin' High too πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! Sorry about the nails 😦

  3. >Don't be sad! You've got beautiful doll hands with or without long nails! Do you usually wear strengthener? It's weird they seem to grow so slowly… By the way, that nail polish looks like plastic on you. Cool. =)

  4. >Thank you for the support, guys… Sasha, IRL Custom Kicks is very greenish in daylight and dim light, but looks more blue in strong light, you know what I mean? It's hard to capture. But the golden shimmer is worth getting it. I asked China Glaze how it is compared to Shower Together and Custom Kicks, and they said it was more blue than Custom Kicks. Let's call this between Four Leaf Clover and Flyin' High =)Brooke, this is a gorgeous color indeed, hard to describe. A bit more blue and less neon than Turned Up Turquoise, and the shimmer is a nice golden, it's one of my favorite polishes.Aww thank you, Nathalie =) I don't wear strengthener these days, but I used to. It made my nails grow very slow. But now I use Mavala's ridge filler as base coat, and actually my nails grew quite a bit in a month, I kept trimming my pinky to match them. I just hope they become decent-sized in a month =)

  5. >I'm sorry about your broken nail, I know how much those suck! That color is beautiful!

  6. >So sorry you broke your nail. I hate when I have to cut them all down. I can't stand to have uneven nails. I love that shade of polish on you. Looks gorgeous. I've worn this once and really love it. It just made me so happy to look at it on my nails. Crazy but true.

  7. >Thank you for the symphaty… I really love Custom Kicks, it's such a fresh color =) Looks really different in various lights and it's one of my favorite polishes =)

  8. >Oh no! Nail breaks suck! Don't feel bad, though… it happens to the best of us. Actually, ALL of us! At least they grow back, right? I try not to get upset about it because it is inevitable! By the way, that color is gorgeous! I need to add it to my wish-list πŸ™‚

  9. >Thank you, PH =) I wish I could avoid it somehow, but this time it was my fault, the heavy blanket fell on my pinky with an odd angle, which caused it to turn back… At least it wasn't painful, there could be blood =)The color is so awesome in person, I really recommend it! =D

  10. >Aww, sorry about the broken nail. That's always frustrating for me too. This color is sooo, sooooo gorgeous! I love the gold shimmer in it actually, I would totally pick this over the Up & Away teal. I'm a huge sucker for shimmer/glitter in anything hahaha.

  11. >Thank you, Catherine =) When I first ordered it, I was afraid it would be too close to either Turned Up Turquoise or Shower Together, but it's right in the middle, and so unique. Although I'm more of a creme person, I absolutely love this polish =)Thank you for the symphaty ^-^

  12. >You have a lovely blog and a delicious tag in my blog

  13. >thank you, subflava =D aww, sweet!

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