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>My favorite color this year along with aqua/mint green has been this cool, pastel pink along China Glaze Second-Hand Silk. I’ve frankened this polish past summer using a bottle of white and about 20 drops of medium cool pink. And now China Glaze has come up with Something Sweet, which I adore =) My franken is darker and more vivid, but it’s going to be a substitute until I get my hands on Up & Away collection. OPI Hong-Kong Collection has Lucky Lucky Lavender and Pandamonium Pink, it seems polish brands are on the same wavelength with me this year.
Anyway, here is my franken, unfortunately the white was very stark, streaky and altogether not nice, but 3 coats evened everything out.

Showing off my ring =)



  1. >I love the baby pink and the ring!

  2. >Thank you so much =)

  3. >That is a great color, perfect for work or elegant occasions!

  4. >I love that color – and it matches your ring so well! adorable ring too.. ­čÖé

  5. >Adorable. Love the ring. I've been craving cool pastels this year too! I can't wait for the Up & Away collection!!

  6. >Wow, beautiful, nice job. I can't wait for up and away. I love that ring, it matches perfectly!

  7. >This is a gorgeous color and it goes with your ring so well!! I love it! May I ask where you got it actually? I've been just obsessed with bows lately teehee. =)

  8. >I'd wear this franken any day! I really love baby pink polishes and I love that super cute ring too. You tickle the fantasy of little princess in me. You also noticed ChG Something Sweet? I'm all about it since I saw swatches and that's the one in the collection that has immediately called me. (Do I dream or you have awesome dark, thick and curly hair? <3)

  9. >Thanks gildedangel, glad you liked it! It might be a little brighter and edgier than professional irl, but I guess it should be wearable =)Thank you Brooke, Kelsealaurel and Danica =) I love the ring, too!Catherine, the ring is from a store called Click Six, it's Europe only I guess =/ Let me see if it's still available…Thank you, Nathalie =) Yes, I've been dreaming of the Up & Away collection since I saw the promo pics, I want each and every one of them, this is the first time I'm feeling that towards an entire collection! My hair is very tangled in the picture, it's actually wavy, not curly =) But it's dark (chestnut brown) and thick, although the individual strands are thin =) You are so sweet!

  10. >What an adorable color, and you ring on that last picture…oh!!!<3 I absolutely love it :)I wish my frankens were as pretty as yours.

  11. >I love your ring! Oh, and my nails are light pink too! OPI "Mod About You"…

  12. >Wonderful color! I also love your ring. So simple and cute!And let me tell you one more time: you look like Helena Bonham Carter's daughter. You're gorgeous!

  13. >Thank you chocaddict =) This franken was really easy, all you need is white creme polish and a medium creme pink that's not warm… You add drop by drop and shake the bottle until you have the desired color =) If you don't have a cool medium pink, you can use a few drops of light blue or cool purple creme to cool a warm pink down, I guess =)PH, just yesterday I was googling OPI's Mod About You, to see how similar it is to Something Sweet =)Thank you, Sasha =D You made me blush, Helena Bonham Carter is amazing =) I just wish they straightened her hair for Bellatrix Lestrange, and that she didn't lick random things in the movie to emphasize madness =D (end rant) Thank you for your nice words!

  14. >i totally love this color! beautiful job!! and the last picture is stunning, you are a true beauty ­čÖé

  15. >Aww, thank you so much Kellie =)

  16. >Pretty color and good match with the lovely ring!:) ( I think we all love the ring ^_^ )

  17. >Thank you, Arie =) I really like the ring, too =)

  18. >You are gorgeous with beautiful coloring. Love your dark eyes and hair. The pink looks so pretty on you. Especially with your coloring. I also love your ring. I love anything with bows on it.

  19. >From Six? I love them, they have really great jewellery. I think I will go there tomorrow – I want the Ring. ­čśÇ

  20. >Oh, I love Click Six! I hope they have the ring in your area =)

  21. >Thank you. :-)We have a few six shops so hopefully at least one have it.I really have many six things… it's dangerous to go in. I've never come out without bying something. ^^"

  22. >The same here! I own too many six stuff =D

  23. >offf s├╝per bi renk.. can─▒m bu yaz─▒ya daha T├╝rk├že ├Âzet eklememi┼čsin, e ben de k─▒t ingilizcemle anlayamad─▒─č─▒m i├žin burdan soray─▒m dedim=) bu oje bir┼čeylerin kar─▒┼č─▒m─▒ m─▒, yoksa she'de b├Âyle tatl─▒ bir renk varm─▒┼č da ben mi g├Ârememi┼čim? e─čer ├Âyleyse numaras─▒n─▒ ├Â─črenebilir miyim=)

  24. >canim kusura bakma sondan basa dogru gelmeye calisiyorum biraz zaman alacak =)ben she beyaz ojenin icine she cingene pembesi ojeden damlatip karistirmistim =) yine she ojelerle elde edebilirsin ­čśë

  25. >harikas─▒n yaa, s├╝per bi renk elde etmi┼čsin. ben de hemen al─▒p deneyece─čim=) ├žok ├žok sa─čol can─▒m..

  26. >birsey degil canim =)

  27. >Kar─▒┼čt─▒rmay─▒ nas─▒l yap─▒yorsun can─▒m ya.Yani i├žine toplardan m─▒ koyuyorsun. bende dalga dalga kal─▒yor. nedir bunun p├╝f noktas─▒ :)Something sweet almama gerek kalmaz b├Âylecene ­čÖé

  28. >@Oje Delisi : )she ojelerde zaten top var canim =) bir de alix avien'de var =)

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