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Monthly Archives: November 2009

>How girly is this name for a manicure? =) OK, after the last manicure, I decided to create something better. So I picked OPI Bubble Bath as the base color, and after 3 coats, I applied 2 coats of China Glaze Snow Globe. Then I stamped the nails using the butterfly design from palette m50 and Konad Special Polish in black. Finally I sealed using quick dry top coat and a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic. Phew!

W/ Flash:

I can’t possibly describe how awesome mattified glitter looks. It’s like looking at gems through thick ice or frosted glass. So wonderful and magical. Matte glitter is the new glitter!

>I did it. Because I had to do it.
For the first time in three months, I went short with my nails. I feel terrible. Today I realized after taking off my nail polish, that my right pinky was torn on the side. I tried to buff it so that the crack would sink in, but using my recessive hand caused a disaster, my nail tore from side to side, in a matter of a milisecond. It was painful, and I was frustrated! Then I decided to chop my nails, because it makes no sense to run around with long nails when one or two nails are just little nubbins. So I grabbed the toenail clipper and… You know the rest.
Don’t get me wrong, I love short nails on other people and they don’t bother me at all, but after all the effort for growing them longer, it’s frustrating to have them break just like so. I wonder if I ever have even nails at one time. I swear, before I became obsessed with my nails, everything was smoother…
So today’s mani is the offspring of my depression. I just slapped some polish and layered it, and this came out.

This is Inglot #202 (green/pink flakies) over regular black creme polish, topped at first with China Glaze Matte Magic, then the underside with shiny topcoat. So those thick lines are not intended to be french tips =) When using a matte top coat, I recommend using it over regular top coat, because even when matte top coats dry quickly, they are not like quick-dry top coats, and they dent.

Look how short they are! I only didn’t shorten my left pinky, because pinkies are such a pain in the butt to grow.

>Finally, my China Glaze haul arrived. I’m so happy =) As you know, China Glaze put an embargo on international orders, so I asked a dear friend to help me with my order, and she was very kind to send these to me. Yay!

L to R: Matte Magic Top Coat (I ordered 3.), Electric Lilac, Glam, Spellbound Top Coat, Snow Globe.

L to R: Meteor Shower, DV8, Atlantis, 2030, Metallic Muse.


Snow Globe and Electric Lilac.

Glam and Spellbound Top Coat.

Atlantis and Meteor Shower.

Finally, an update on yesterday’s mani, using m27 and 2030 from Khrome Collection. They say the Khromes stamp amazingly, and it’s so true. They are better than the Romantique polishes, more opaque and crisp. If you can’t see, the first design is the Koi fish from plate m27.

>The past few days have been kinda hectic. I was busy and rushing all the time, and had to wear boring, professional colors. I actually love those classic shades, too, but I was in such a hurry that I did a slightly messy manicure and after taking it off immediately after the seminar, I celebrated my freedom by doing the following layering:

It’s 3 coats of the aqua creme polish by Claire’s, a dupe of China Glaze Shower Together, maybe a bit more blueish and vibrant. I topped it with green/blue opalescent flakies by Inglot, #203. The result is so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off of my nails. They remind me of exotic places, the ocean and aqua world, that’s how refreshing they look. My boyfriend just fell in love with the color. He’s an artist, and I took it as a great compliment =)

I took this picture yesterday after applying, and it’s before the cleanup. Sorry about the messy cuticles =)
And this is what I wore for a few days, just before the seminar. A classic burgundy/red creme, 4 coats. Looks similar to OPI’s Got The Blues For Red in the bottle.

By the way, my China Glaze haul from finally arrived today, and pictures will be up tomorrow.

>Here is the indigo jelly polish by Claire’s I mentioned in my previous post. Like I said, it’s indigo, and very very bright. Of course the camera didn’t want to capture it correctly, so I tweaked the colors a bit. Now it’s more accurate.
The application of these jellies are horribly streaky and uneven on the first coat, that they only get even at 3 coats. That I normally do 3 coats, I do +1 when I do these, so this is 4.


I wanted to konad this so bad, but I’m outta remover, and I wouldn’t be able to clean the mess afterwards. So it’s gotta wait. =)

>My lovely friend who studies in UK brought me some lovely things =) I have got my first Illamasqua polishes. Yaay!!! She brought me Rampage and Muse. I’ve been wanting Rampage forever, and I wish they had Milf, too, but it was sold out. It’s alright though. And two OPI, Black Cherry Chutney and Chick Flick Cherry.

I love Chick Flick Cherry, it’s my kind of a red. And Black Cherry Chutney is gorgeous with the red shimmer, can’t wait to try it out.
And she got me Urban Decay 24/7 stash & 24/7 liner in Yeyo.

Thank you, Asli! You’re the best. ♥♥♥

Btw, I tried another marbling on yesterday’s mani, Sally Hansen Orange You Cute? with white She polish (ordinary white creme) and blurple Clarie’s polish (which I’m yet to swatch). It’s not tidy, I know, but at least I know a bit better about marbling right now =)

I wish my cuticles would heal quicker…

>This is actually mom’s, but I nicked it for a mani =) It’s one of the Sally Hansen Salon polishes, and this is 4 coats. I usually do 3, but I thought I still had VNL, so I did 4.
It’s a bright, bright reddish coral, very smooth. The opacity was not great, but you probably can get away with 3 coats. The application was smooth as butter, and I just love the bottle.

I thought the name had nothing to do with the color, until I saw it through the camera in shade. The following picture is the same setting as before, only away from the sunlight. Please ignore my smurf hands =)

Tomorrow I’m going to meet a friend, who said she had a little something for me. I hope it’s something that I’d been wanting for so long!

>I’ve been using fast-drying top coats for a year now, and I’ve used 3 different ones. They are all very fast drying, but I had a few issues I’d like to share with you right now.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

This is the first quick-drying top coat I’ve ever tried. It dries within a minute, and in about 20 minutes, it’s non-dentable. I’ve been mainly using this over Konad, because as everybody knows, Konad tends to smear. This top coat is extremely runny, like water. I don’t need to put a thick globe on my nail, all I need to do is swipe it across the nail with a regular amount on, and it goes on without smearing. The shine is nice and I only experience minor tipwear after day 3. Remember my last manicure, the lilac one? It’s still on, no chipping, no fading. Only some tipwear, which is acceptable.
The brush is wide and soft, it doesn’t pull nailpolish or stamped images. What I don’t like about it is the consistency. It’s really, really runny. From heaving out of the bottle to applying it on my nail, it drips. And because of it being so runny, there is always too much amount on the brush, and you have to swipe carefully. (Remember, too much swiping – likely to smear the image.)
Oh by the way, when I reach the half of the bottle, it becomes gloopy and too thick. But I managed to control it with polish thinner, now I can use almost the whole bottle.
But I really like it, it’s handy and I try to keep a bottle around.

Positive: Doesn’t smear, nice brush, dries very fast, shiny, protective.
Negative: Too runny, becomes gloopy after a while.
My Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Sally Hansen Mega Shine

I had very high hopes for this top coat. First of all, it really lives up it’s name. It’s extremely shiny, dries very very fast, in 10 seconds or so. It’s very protective on the nail surface and provides a shield. It doesn’t cause me any chipping, any tipwear for a reasonable time, nor any nail polish coming off in large chunks. I really like the look of it on my nails.
There are two problems with this polish. Actually three, but the third one is a common issue of all fast-drying top coats. First of all, the brush is weird. It’s synthetic, like made of fiber, and it smears the design crazy. I can’t use it with Konad, it bleeds on the nail and looks horrible. There are 2 ways to make it work with Konad, you can either use a regular, natural haired, soft brush to apply, or you can use it on another non-smearing top coat to seal.
Secondly, it shrinks. On the sides, it’s clearly visible that it shrinks, and there is nothing I could do to prevent that. First few weeks the shrinking was not too noticeable, but then it was there and I just couldn’t ignore it.
And last but not least, it becomes very gloopy, even gloopier than Insta-Dri. In fact, make it a triple.
And that you can’t see the inside of the bottle because of the mirror-like finish, you don’t have an idea how much polish is still left. And the stuff they covered the bottle with becomes so thick around the bottleneck, that it caused me too much pain and frustration every time I screwed the cap.
I’d recommend this top coat for a nice shine and it’s super fast drying time, but it’s only good for the first half of the bottle.

Positive: Dries extremely fast, very shiny, very protective.
Negative: Bad brush & bottle, becomes ridiculously gloopy, shrinks visibly on the nail.
My Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Mavala Mavadry

This is the last top coat I’ve tried, and it’s so far the best. Take the good aspects of Insta-Dri and Mega Shine, and you have Mavadry. First of all, it dries really fast. Maybe a bit slower than Mega Shine, but still, very fast. The brush is soft and nice, and I didn’t experience any smearing. It’s super shiny, looks beautiful on the nail. I can’t say anything about the protection, because I was in a bad mood those days and removed my polish far too often. But I remember experiencing some minor chips in the corners when using this top coat, but this may be due to washing/cooking too much those days. I’ll update on that aspect when I repurchase.
Other than that, I don’t have much to say about it. It also became gloopy the second half, but I managed to use 9/10 of the bottle, and that’s saying something.
The label covers the whole side of the bottle so you can’t really see what’s going on inside, but I thought of turning the bottle sideways and observe from the bottom, and that it’s perfectly cylindrical, you can have an idea of the condition of the product inside.

Positive: Dries really fast, very shiny, doesn’t become too gloopy, nice brush
Negative: Minor chipping(?), bottle is almost completely covered with a label
My Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I hope this review helps some of you folks out there!

>Here is the whole story.
In Turkey, nail polish concept is not like in the USA, Japan or Europe. One can hardly find any blue polish here, let alone greens. Most of the time the lines consist of reds, pinks, whites, sheer whites and sheer pinks, some vampy colours and occasionally corals, etc. Cremes are minority, there are frosts, shimmers and a few true glitters. There are no permanent lines and collections, there are colours with numbers, you can’t exactly follow them because numbers change, things get re-packaged, etc. Nail polish is really cheap (less than a dollar) but good quality.
One other thing you oughta know is that imported items are rare here. They are imported on demand, and because nail polish culture hasn’t really developed among women here, who only wear either reds or french, importing nail polish brands is a dream to me. And when something is imported from another country, they are expensive. The annual income of people here is far less than in Europe or in the USA, but imported items have too much tax on them that we have to pay unreasonable prices.
What I did was to haul 14/15 pieces at a time from online retailers in USA, and I always fear that they might get stuck at the customs. I can’t do this very often… So when I heard that OPI was finally sold here, I went kinda crazy.
They are 20$ a piece. And a bottle of Nail Envy is 60$. What the hell? Someone here is definitely a fraud.
I got my OPI for 15$. Here is my ridiculously pathetic OPI haul.

You Don’t Know Jacques
This is all. I had been wanting this polish for such a long time, that I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! I’m thinking of buying maybe 2-3 more in the future, but I’m not sure. I’m planning on doing another haul when Wizard of Ooh-Ahz comes out. And I hope my China Glaze haul arrives soon!

>Hi everyone, I hope you had a blast at Halloween.
Last night I did this manicure, with a She polish I got this summer. It’s a lilac creme with strong pink undertones, and I thought it would go along well with Konad polish in pink (pastel pink?) and design from palette m69. It’s one of my favorite palettes and it’s not yet sold in my country, luckily I contacted Kathleen from OC Nail Art and she sent it to me along with m71, m73 and m74. I just can’t get enough full pattern palettes. They are my favorite. I also love little flowers and tip designs, but full designs have a special place in my heart, and are the main reason I got into Konad stuff.

This lace design is beautiful, and I’m slowly getting hang of aligning the designs correctly. With full designs it’s much easier, because the rectangular shape is obvious. But with tip designs and/or vertical designs, I always have problems with my recessive hand. Now I use the marks on the sides of the double ended stamper, and align the stamp that way. But I still have problems with aligning with the central axis =)

Btw, all of my manicures are base coat + 3 coats + top coat, unless otherwise stated. Of course when I konad, I put an additional coat of top coat to seal the design.