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Edit: I’ve passed the 50 followers mark this week, thanks to anyone who takes time and reads my blog =) I truly appreciate your fellowship!

It seems I couldn’t keep my word =) I tried to mattify the Khrome manicure yesterday, which turned out to be a big no-no. Mattified Khrome looked dirty and unappealing on me, so I took it off. Today, I put on a local blue jelly polish with tiny silver and blue glitter. It reminds me of Essie’s Starry Starry Night, only less black-ish and with smaller glitter. In my opinion, this one could be a nice substitute. I personally like this polish very much, it’s very unique for my country’s standards, but unfortunately this one is discontinued and I could only grab two bottles =/
Afterwards, I stamped snowflakes on the nails using plate m59 and konad special polish in medium blue with a purplish pearl, whose name I don’t know. I would say “sky pearl”, but on the pictures, sky pearl looks more visible on darker colors, and mine is quite subtle. After stamping, I did matte french tips with China Glaze Matte Magic, and the ring fingers are matte with glossy tips. Ring fingers also have teardrop shaped rhinestones.

With Flash:

I hope you enjoy this mani as much as I do =) It reminds me of a very cold and dark winter night =)


  1. >That is breat taking! I need that!

  2. >Oh, thank you! I was seriously considering to hand this polish out in a giveaway, but it's discontinued and this one is my last bottle… If I can find it in a clerance bin or something, I think about offering it in a small giveaway =)

  3. >This is absolutely beautiful.

  4. >That looks gorgeous! I actually like the way that mattified chromes look lol!

  5. >thank you guys =) gildedangel, I had a coat of glitter inbetween, I guess it was too much =)

  6. >ohh sweety this is very pretty… i like to stare at ur nails for the whole night… =)

  7. >thank you thriszha =) ❤

  8. >These are gorgeous… the color is amazing and I love the subtly of the snowflakes. I'd definitely wear this!

  9. >Thank you! Looks a bit like your ornament mani, now looking at it =) Your ideas are so great that they etch on my subconscious, I guess =D

  10. >Beautiful, wonderful, unique, amazing! Please, do me a favour and make one (1) not so pretty mani. I do it all the time… =))) You must be a pro!

  11. >Wow, thank you Sasha =) I have many ugly manicures, some of them I take off straight away, some of them get konad and rhinestones on top =) I'm far away from a pro and your nails look always perfect compared to mine =)Btw, I experience many lost packages these days, that could happen to your mail, too =/ I've just lost a Barry M and Konad order, and I'm still frustrated about it. All packages must have a tracking number in order to arrive safely, I guess…

  12. >I love this mani!

  13. >Thank you, Melinda =)

  14. >Stunning! Gorgeous colour and pattern, very wintery =)

  15. >beautiful!! this is perfect for December 🙂

  16. >Thank you Marce & Brooke! =)))

  17. >This mani is PERFECTION!!!!!

  18. >Aww thank you, Brooke =)

  19. >Stunning. It really reminds me of the winter night sky, when it snows (I love those moments). Can you believe I don't have nail polish right now? I love having breaks, it's sane and healthy for the nails. Good night my little nail poet! 🙂

  20. >Thank you, Nathalie! I'm glad you liked it =) I love snowy skies, too, it's always so calm =) ❤

  21. >That is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the shiny and the matte together. I love your designs. Your so talented.

  22. >Wow, thank you for the nice words!

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