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>Today’s post is not directly nail related =) My mani is still perfect, without tipwear, and I’ll try to keep it until it chips. Gildedangel from Naive Nails tagged me for “I love your blog!” award. Thank you, gildedangel, I really appreciate this =)
I also know her from Specktra, and I obviously love her blog =) She has been already tagged, therefore I’m not tagging her again =)

I know it’s a hard thing to pick only 15 blogs, I want to make sure that I love reading every blog on my blogroll. Anyway, here are 15 blogs I love to read (in no particular order):

Jellynat: Nathalie is a wonderful lady from France, who is very friendly, has a great personality and also gorgeous nails. And I enjoy seeing the colors of her choice on those nails.

Polish Hoarder Disorder: I just discovered her blog and fell in love with her konad ideas =) She makes those nails look beautiful and inspires me every time she does a new konadicure.

Azatoth Nail Art: Another new discovery. Look at those nails! There is so much creativity and patience in her work. And she makes those Fauxnad plates r-o-c-k! =)

Fab Ur Nails: Thrizsha is also one of the very creative konad lovers, who layers stamping in a very efficient way. I especially love her themed manis.

Lemming Monster: I simply love how she models with her hands =) She makes me wanna buy polishes I never intended to buy!

Kronicles of a Konader: Powerlifterchick does her manicures exactly how I like them, our tastes are much alike. I feel very familiar around her blog.

The Hungry Asian: Kae has beautiful nails, takes beautiful pictures and shows me polishes I either love very much, or I’ve been wanting for a long time =) I always have appetite for new polishes when I look at her blog =)

Getcha Nails Did: Brooke is a polish monster, but in a good way! She either has some new stuff, or old goodies, or frankens, or great konad ideas. Sometimes she posts multiple times a day, and she is so friendly and encouraging around new bloggers!

Nihrida: I love Sasha’s style =) She is very talented, has great tutorials, a wonderful personality, and every nail she does – whether konad or not – is spectacular.

Never Too Much Glitter: I’ve been following Jen’s blog for such a long time, she does great frankens, and is a very sweet and nice lady. I love everything about her nails, and she kindly answers every question someone asks – and tries to fulfill many reader requests. Just make sure to visit her Etsy shop – she has great fake nail designs!

Mini Nail Blog: The blog owner is very crafty, her fake nails are so artistic! I love her stuff. She also makes stuff like earrings, accessories, etc. I always wonder how she manages to make those tiny decorations on her nails. =)

Polish Lounge: She is a nice Austrian lady with great nails, nice konad combinations (which always attract my attention) and generous giveaways. She wrote her blog bilingual, but lately changed to English-only.

The Daily Nail: A nail a day is her challenge =) She does spectacular designs, more of a highly detailed art work. I always admire her patience and accuracy.

Dr. Frankenpolish: Another franken master like Never Too Much Glitter, Amanda creates polishes which I think should be mass produced. Luckily she includes the recipes for us DIY lovers.

Scrangie: If it wasn’t for her swatches, I would have never gotten into this polish business. That’s all I’m telling about her.

Like I said, I love every blog on my Blogroll, otherwise they wouldn’t be there! Duh.
Out of topic but I’m just so excited for China Glaze’s Up&Away collection. China Glaze included more pictures, and I’m definitely getting Light As Air, Re-Fresh Mint, Happy Go Lucky, Lemon Fizz, Peachy Keen & Something Sweet! And their Poolside Collection looks so promising, too.


  1. >I'm so touched to be here, so touched by what you say. :)I'm happy to know you, Deniz. You know all the good things I think of you already. šŸ™‚

  2. >I should have written even more, that was just summarizing =)

  3. >awww, thanks so much, Trincess! You're wonderful. šŸ™‚

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