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>This design is one of my favorites, yet I use it so rarely. This time I started off with one of my frankens, which I made of a medium warm red creme polish, some white creme polish and my own grey frankenpolish. It turned out to be this interesting dusty pink, like China Glaze Wild Mink. The franken is pretty opaque, and this is two coats. Then I stamped using plate m60 and special polish in Pastel Violet.

With flash:

I have to tweak the pictures a bit, because my camera isn’t very friendly with me after the sun goes down =) Indoors it makes the colors look dull and too orange-y.


  1. >Very cute! I need to use that design more often!

  2. >Thank you! It's a beautiful design, indeed! I'd love to see that on you =)

  3. >It looks great. Love the color combo and the stamping looks like its lifted from the base. Wonderful!

  4. >Thank you, Sasha =) I'm glad you liked it! You're right, it looks kinda 3D!

  5. >Very pretty! You did a great job with both the franken and the design; it's a very nice one, I should use it more often!

  6. >thank you chocaddict =)

  7. >That's a really pretty franken. The Konad design is lovely. Very delicate looking.

  8. >Thank you Lucy!

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