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>Oh, I’m sooo excited about the upcoming China Glaze Spring 2010 Collection, called Up&Away! It will consist of 12 pastel cremes, including a mint green, a pastel lilac, two yellows and two greens =) I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d order the whole collection!

Edit: Yay! See some swatches of the upcoming China Glaze Collection, Up&Away here:

I also want to get my hands on the OPI Hong Kong Collection, for sure. But I will always have a special place in my heart for China Glaze. =)
Today’s manicure was actually supposed to be China Glaze Atlantis, but I had a last minute mind change and put on Lubu Heels. I was going to leave it that way, but I smudged two fingers. Lubu Heels takes forever to dry! Then I remembered gildedangel‘s vampy flowers color combination, which I liked very much, and stamped the nails using plate m56 and China Glaze Devotion.

With flash:

I think it looks pretty interesting when french tips are used this way. On my right hand they are placed more diagonally, because I still can’t stamp with my left hand as well as I can with my right hand! Grrr.



  1. >That's beautiful! Very creative.

  2. >That is awesome! I love it, wish my nails were a bit shorter so I could use more of the stamps.

  3. >Gorgeous mani, I am glad that my post inspired you!

  4. >Wow I love this mani! Stunning! πŸ™‚

  5. >Another gorgeous manicure. You really can't do nothing wrong… =) Wonderful!

  6. >simply the way u stamped the nail yip design.. u made a half moon.. i love ur nail shape

  7. >It's sucha cretive way of using the french tip plates πŸ™‚ I'va always wanted some of those but never bought them as I rarely grow nails long enough to use them…now I have an excuse \o/

  8. >Thanks, everyone! I love that they could be used on the short nails, too =) But EvilAngel, they look gorgeous on the longer tips πŸ˜‰ I can't do them!Gildedangel, your manis always inspire me =) You do some rare combinations =)Aww, thank you Sasha, thriszha, chocoaddict and Kirsten =) Chocoaddict, you can also stamp them diagonally, or as half moon on the bottoms of the nails. They all look gorgeous!

  9. >You make the best manicures. Colors, shape, execution… It's always inspiring (also I love this current nail length – for some reason, I find nails of this length to be the sexiest!)

  10. >Thank you, Nathalie! =) Vertical designs make them appear longer, really! =DThank you for the beautiful words =) β™₯

  11. >It's genius how you rotated the tip design and stamped it vertically on your nails! I would have never thought of that! Yay! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  12. >Thanks for liking! The best thing about Konad is that you can rotate any design any way, and nobody can ask why =D

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