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>This is one of the rare times where I didn’t love a China Glaze polish as much as I expected. When I first saw pictures of Meteor Shower, I wanted it so badly that it literally hurt. (lol =) But it’s much thicker than I expected, and looks kinda lumpy on the nail. Maybe I applied badly, it’s nighttime here and maybe I could have applied it thinner and more even. Of course I love the color and the glitters, and would never toss it aside like I did with China Glaze Tantalize Me (ew!), it’s actually a lovely polish. Finally I decided to mattify it to make it even. I used China Glaze Matte Magic and I like the result, my nails look like sparkly dark blue stones.

It felt kinda lonely, and I stamped it using plate m59 and China Glaze Metallic Muse. Does anyone have tips on how to stamp the ribbon images well? They are kinda too big for my fingernails. The only option seems like stamping them diagonally, but that woud be when I have them longer.

Not too horrible. This is without another topcoat, the khromes look even better without one.
After yesterdays manicure brainstorming, I’m out of all ideas. I open my drawer and just stare at polishes, unable to decide what to wear. I love other people’s manicures and wanna copy some, is it considered as idea theft? =)
Btw, please vote on my poll regarding watermarks. Thanks =)


  1. >That is gorgeous matte! I love it!

  2. >Thank you, gildedangel =) it's gorgeous matte, indeed. I wish I'd like it as much shiny… But I haven't given up yet 😉

  3. >I love any of the glitters matte it gives them such depth!

  4. >love that matte… I feel like I need to place an order ASAP now!

  5. >Attack of the space ribbons!! :PI own only one CG glitter, "Preppy Pink" and it is also very thick and a tad difficult to apply. I liked "Meteor Shower" and "Cosmos" but I finally abstained because I had in head the texture would be similar. If I was a hardcore glitter fan, I would have bought them anyway but I'm not fan enough. That said, it looks fascinating on your nails when it's matte. It's like looking at the cosmos. Not that I've ever been there. Or maybe. In my dreams. 😉

  6. >I think it looks great matte. And that ribbons look just fine. I don't think you could've place them better. 🙂

  7. >Meteor Shower looks fantastic as a matte! I love the ribbons too! My nails aren't very wide so I have the same problem with too big ribbons but the only solution I currently have is.. not using those too big ribbons. :(Aww I don't think beeing inspired by other manicures can be considered as an idea theft. 🙂

  8. >LOVE this in matte!!!and that bow on top is just too cute!

  9. >Thank you, guys =) I love mattified glitter so much! It looks flat, yet very deep inside, like the surface of a pebble. Matte also evens everything out, even the biggest lumps! Thanks for liking the ribbons, too, the edges kinda didn't stamp, but I tried to correct them manually with a fine brush.Nathalie, I also wanted to order Preppy Pink, Bad Kitty and Cosmos, but somehow I felt the need to skip on them. All the swatches were gorgeous, but the consistency looked kinda thick on the nails. Electric Lilac is different than the others and thinner, btw =)swatchaholic, I wish konad had more variety on smaller ribbons, I love the ribbon band on plate m56, but sometimes I want the ribbon alone. I'm going to wait till my nails grow to use these =)

  10. >great colour 😉

  11. >thank you! =) I recommend it =)

  12. >Just thin the polish out a little at a time. Love this matted. Really looks fantastic.

  13. >Thank you! I don't like to thin a brand new polish, it sounds like a crime… But I guess I'm going to thin it a bit…

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