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>I finally emptied a desk for work and manicure reasons. I’m very proud of myself =) I was working in a tight corner until now, on my bedside end table. It was a nice change to work at a regular table, and it was important to me that I didn’t mess up this manicure, because my mind was set and I would never want to start over when if I messed up after so many coats of polish. And my top coat was tacky, too! =)))
I really like this design, because I love the color combination and I think I did a rather neat job. (It could be worse =) It’s inspired by the lovely earrings I got myself today. Of course it’s not a dead-on design, it’s only supposed to give the feeling, and I think it does. I like the end result very much.

This is one of the earrings =)
I used dark brown creme polish as the base, and then freehanded an arch using China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and an old brush I converted to a nail art brush by trimming. China Glaze Shower Together would be more spot-on, but I thought I should give TUT more love =) Then I konaded using China Glaze 2030 and plate m51.

This is the second time you see a close up of my ear! =D
I hope you liked it! I’m proud of myself =) ^_^


  1. >You are very talented! I love your inspiration and the colors all work so well together. Very nice 🙂

  2. >Thank you, Mary =)

  3. >That looks stunning, wow!!!

  4. >That's stunning! The colours look amazing together. Fantastic design. Great post!

  5. >Oooh, this is really great! I love the earring and you did a great job recreating it. I like Turned Up Turquoise for this.

  6. >Thank you, guys! I'm really glad you liked it, it took me more time than a regular manicure =)

  7. >I love it! You did a great job.

  8. >this is unbelievable!!! i la la LA LA LOVE it! seriously amazing job 😀

  9. >p.s. your web design is awesome

  10. >How beautiful your manicure is. You really captured the look of your earring. Lovely.

  11. >oh my goodness, this is so beautiful- wow!

  12. >And you know what? You SHOULD be proud of yourself. You did an amazing job! One of the best konadicures/nail art I've seen in a long time. WOW! Gorgeous! 🙂

  13. >ohh this is so fab nails…i love it so much.. this must be my fave konadicure.. simply Fabulous!! happy polishing

  14. >wow! this is really pretty, you can be proud of yourself 🙂

  15. >Thanks to everyone for the fantastic comments =) I really appreciate them =) I'm a little blushed, too ^-^ ♥♥♥ kellie, thanks for liking my layout =D I'm a CSS junkie, I tweak and tweak and tweak! I should put a stop to this =)

  16. >Very, VERY lovely manicure!! Color combo is beautiful, I like this a LOT! 🙂

  17. >Thank you, Amabile! ♥

  18. >I'm not a fan of konad in general because just putting contrasting little patterns on every nails is so boring to me. But THIS manicure is soemthing different. It is what I call something extremelly creative and gorgeous, using konad as a tool and not as a purpose of a manicure! Very beautiful. Also dark brown and turquoise is a winner association. I know it's saying lots of good things but your blog is truly the one I watch with the biggest pleasure. There's always beauty and inventivity in what you do! :)PS. To respond to your sondage: watermarks never bother me. I don't even notice yours.

  19. >Thank you, Nathalie =) You always say such beautiful things =) When I saw the manicure in daylight, I wish I used Shower Together, because TUT was a bit too green. I'm really happy and proud to hear such graceful things about something like doing manicure =) It's really great that people appreciate what I do =)

  20. >this is absolutely beautiful! props for creativity too!

  21. >Thank you so much! =D

  22. >Absolutely gorgeous!

  23. >Thank you! =)

  24. >I think this is pretty darn close to the earring and so pretty! You did an awesome job!

  25. >thank you so much! =)))

  26. >wow this is gorgeous!your mani here looks great on it's own – but looks amazing next to your ear 🙂 I guess it's hard to keep your fingers next to your ear all the time, so god you took a photo of it LOL

  27. >Haha =) That can be said =)Thank you very much! ♥

  28. >I think you did a great job translating your earring into a nail design! It is right on! I know how you feel about giving yourself one chance to get it right because of all the polish it takes and time consumed. Sometimes I will paint my nails (the base color) before I go to bed so the bottom layer has a chance to dry completely. Then I am less likely to smudge it when the stamping and topcoats are done. It also breaks the manicure into 2 sessions… makes it go faster!

  29. >Thank you, Polish Hoarder =)You're actually right, I sometimes enjoy busting a konad design on the second day, because getting so involved with so many polishes makes me feel insatiable and I get bored very easily. I konad on the second day to make things more interesting. But sometimes, I want to do a konad straight away, and most of the time I make mistakes. By the way, if it weren't for quick-dry top coats, I don't know what I would do with sheet marks! =D

  30. >Simply beautiful! I echo the love for the coordinating colours 🙂

  31. >Thank you, Tabula Rasa =D ❤

  32. >So creative! 🙂 You are really talented! 🙂

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