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>I did it. Because I had to do it.
For the first time in three months, I went short with my nails. I feel terrible. Today I realized after taking off my nail polish, that my right pinky was torn on the side. I tried to buff it so that the crack would sink in, but using my recessive hand caused a disaster, my nail tore from side to side, in a matter of a milisecond. It was painful, and I was frustrated! Then I decided to chop my nails, because it makes no sense to run around with long nails when one or two nails are just little nubbins. So I grabbed the toenail clipper and… You know the rest.
Don’t get me wrong, I love short nails on other people and they don’t bother me at all, but after all the effort for growing them longer, it’s frustrating to have them break just like so. I wonder if I ever have even nails at one time. I swear, before I became obsessed with my nails, everything was smoother…
So today’s mani is the offspring of my depression. I just slapped some polish and layered it, and this came out.

This is Inglot #202 (green/pink flakies) over regular black creme polish, topped at first with China Glaze Matte Magic, then the underside with shiny topcoat. So those thick lines are not intended to be french tips =) When using a matte top coat, I recommend using it over regular top coat, because even when matte top coats dry quickly, they are not like quick-dry top coats, and they dent.

Look how short they are! I only didn’t shorten my left pinky, because pinkies are such a pain in the butt to grow.


  1. >They still look lovely!

  2. >Thank you very much… You really cheered me up a bit =)

  3. >I am so sorry that your nail tore, it really hurts! Your nails do still look lovely though, and they will grow back before you know it! 🙂

  4. >Thank you, gildedangel =) My nails used to grow faster, or to tell you the truth, maybe I never paid attention before to how fast they grow… I hope I have my nails back soon =)

  5. >Shorter nails couldn't be a problem on such gracious hands. Frankly, I love how your nails look when they're short. Anyway, you'll get your nails long before you even realize it as soon as you stop thinking about them. Trust me. 😉

  6. >Merci beaucoup, Nathalie, tu es très élégant =)

  7. >I think your nails look beautiful, even now that they are shorter. 🙂 I love this mani you did. Very autumn-y indeed. You're so beautiful! And your eyes remind me of Helena Bonham Carter (that's a good thing!). :)))

  8. >Thank you Sasha, you seriously made me blush! It's an honor to be compared to her =)))) And thank you for liking my nails… You should see my poor pinky =) it's only half a cm long =)

  9. >The best thing about nails are that they grow again. They will be long again before you know it. I love the manicure. Your nails look like their lit from within.

  10. >I hope they do! Sometimes I think they grow slower and slower =) Thank you so much for the nice words =)

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