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>The past few days have been kinda hectic. I was busy and rushing all the time, and had to wear boring, professional colors. I actually love those classic shades, too, but I was in such a hurry that I did a slightly messy manicure and after taking it off immediately after the seminar, I celebrated my freedom by doing the following layering:

It’s 3 coats of the aqua creme polish by Claire’s, a dupe of China Glaze Shower Together, maybe a bit more blueish and vibrant. I topped it with green/blue opalescent flakies by Inglot, #203. The result is so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off of my nails. They remind me of exotic places, the ocean and aqua world, that’s how refreshing they look. My boyfriend just fell in love with the color. He’s an artist, and I took it as a great compliment =)

I took this picture yesterday after applying, and it’s before the cleanup. Sorry about the messy cuticles =)
And this is what I wore for a few days, just before the seminar. A classic burgundy/red creme, 4 coats. Looks similar to OPI’s Got The Blues For Red in the bottle.

By the way, my China Glaze haul from finally arrived today, and pictures will be up tomorrow.


  1. >WOW! That first turquoise one reminds me of Bora Bora. So beautiful! And I think that red looks smashing on you. You know how to rock your nail polish shades for sure! 🙂

  2. >That is stunning, I love the flakies you put on there!

  3. >Aww thank you guys =)

  4. >I just love flakies. Your nails almost look irridescent.

  5. >Thank you! Flakies are hard to find here and a little expensive, but so worth it =)

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