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>Here is the indigo jelly polish by Claire’s I mentioned in my previous post. Like I said, it’s indigo, and very very bright. Of course the camera didn’t want to capture it correctly, so I tweaked the colors a bit. Now it’s more accurate.
The application of these jellies are horribly streaky and uneven on the first coat, that they only get even at 3 coats. That I normally do 3 coats, I do +1 when I do these, so this is 4.


I wanted to konad this so bad, but I’m outta remover, and I wouldn’t be able to clean the mess afterwards. So it’s gotta wait. =)



  1. >What a great jelly, it looks perfect on you!

  2. >Thank you so much! =)

  3. >This nail polish is perfection. Wonderful color, it looks great on your beautiful nails. 🙂

  4. >Thank you, nihrida! =) You're so sweet.

  5. >That is a beautiful color, I love dark blurples!AJust to let you know, if you aren't getting my posts (and you blogroll isn't updating my blog) it's because I changed the url and something happened and it didn't change any of the links. The new url is 🙂

  6. >Thank you for letting me know! I've realized today that that something was fishy with the url, thought you deleted your blog. I'll update right now.

  7. >Love the color! Beutiful and aplication is just prefect:)

  8. >Thank you, Amarena! =)))

  9. >Very pretty shade on you. I've never used any Claire's brand.

  10. >Me neither, but lately I realized that they have very pretty colors and grabbed a dozen =D

  11. >Çok değişik görünüyor 🙂

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