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>This is actually mom’s, but I nicked it for a mani =) It’s one of the Sally Hansen Salon polishes, and this is 4 coats. I usually do 3, but I thought I still had VNL, so I did 4.
It’s a bright, bright reddish coral, very smooth. The opacity was not great, but you probably can get away with 3 coats. The application was smooth as butter, and I just love the bottle.

I thought the name had nothing to do with the color, until I saw it through the camera in shade. The following picture is the same setting as before, only away from the sunlight. Please ignore my smurf hands =)

Tomorrow I’m going to meet a friend, who said she had a little something for me. I hope it’s something that I’d been wanting for so long!


  1. >That is a really neat color, it is refreshing to see something bright!

  2. >it's a beautiful color indeed! and it's a dupe of China Glaze Sneaker Head!

  3. >Love that shade on you. You really have a beautiful application.

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