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>Here is the whole story.
In Turkey, nail polish concept is not like in the USA, Japan or Europe. One can hardly find any blue polish here, let alone greens. Most of the time the lines consist of reds, pinks, whites, sheer whites and sheer pinks, some vampy colours and occasionally corals, etc. Cremes are minority, there are frosts, shimmers and a few true glitters. There are no permanent lines and collections, there are colours with numbers, you can’t exactly follow them because numbers change, things get re-packaged, etc. Nail polish is really cheap (less than a dollar) but good quality.
One other thing you oughta know is that imported items are rare here. They are imported on demand, and because nail polish culture hasn’t really developed among women here, who only wear either reds or french, importing nail polish brands is a dream to me. And when something is imported from another country, they are expensive. The annual income of people here is far less than in Europe or in the USA, but imported items have too much tax on them that we have to pay unreasonable prices.
What I did was to haul 14/15 pieces at a time from online retailers in USA, and I always fear that they might get stuck at the customs. I can’t do this very often… So when I heard that OPI was finally sold here, I went kinda crazy.
They are 20$ a piece. And a bottle of Nail Envy is 60$. What the hell? Someone here is definitely a fraud.
I got my OPI for 15$. Here is my ridiculously pathetic OPI haul.

You Don’t Know Jacques
This is all. I had been wanting this polish for such a long time, that I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! I’m thinking of buying maybe 2-3 more in the future, but I’m not sure. I’m planning on doing another haul when Wizard of Ooh-Ahz comes out. And I hope my China Glaze haul arrives soon!



  1. >I'm sorry that you can't get a lot of neat colors where you live; I hope that changes soon. You picked a great color though, YDKJ is one of my all time faves!

  2. >thank you, I hope so, too… I forgot to mention that I have been wanting this color for such a long time… Luckily they the last bottle, which I managed to get =)

  3. >That's too bad to here you can't get OPI! Do they check mail at customs if it's a lot of polish? Is that a problem? I never thought of it before. I never buy polish from across seas. I love your blog!

  4. >Thank you, Danica!Yes, when you have a suspicious amount of something, like 20 t-shirts, 5 pair of shoes, 100 pencils, etc. they think you're trying to import and run away from the tax. I've ordered a max amount of 16 polishes till today, and thank God didn't have a problem with the customs. Oh btw, if you regularly import the same item in small amounts, it would be suspicious, too. Luckily, they don't seem to think nail polish is a big deal.

  5. >I'll keep my eyes out for the ones you want. I am a hairstylist so I get them dirt cheap, and I can gift them to you so then customs wont be a issue

  6. >OMG, really?? That would be great!

  7. >I don't understand the expensive prices. Someone is making a big profit.

  8. >I think so, too… I wish I could make a trip to the US so I could buy whatever I want =)

  9. >It's the same in Australia, OPI polishes are AUD $22 which is US $20.41 (Nail Envy is much more!), and although OPI is around Essie, Nubar, Zoya, Nfu-Oh, Sinful, Sally Hansen (rest of their line is available, just not their polishes!), Urban Decay, Lippman etc is just not around! It makes me so sad 😦

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