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>This is yet another franken I wasn’t actually going for. But it happened. LOL.
Actually I started with a bottle of very runny lime green polish, and tried to turn it to a turquoise by adding some very cheap sky blue jelly polish. Then I hated it in the bottle and put it away. Some time ago I found the bottle again, and realized it was this gorgeous dusty jade shade, close to Chanel Jade and OPI Damone Roberts 1968. It’s very sheer because it consists of all jellies, and this is 5 (five) coats.

And yes, those are my pyjamas.
And my nails get along really well with my jade earrings mom & dad got me recently from China:

The lighting is not reflecting the true color, the blue hint is almost non-existent, it’s a true jade. I wish I could give you a formula, but since I never intended to do this one… My frankens are trial-error most of the time. And finally, here is a comparison pic: (Photo: mariannaoust@flickr)

Index: OPI Hey! Get in Lime, middle & pinky: Chanel Jade, ring: OPI Damone Roberts 1968.


  1. >That is a gorgeous green!

  2. >Thank you! I wish I realized that earlier =)

  3. >Beautiful as are the earrings

  4. >ohh..thats a lovely green.. i love green polish…ur nails are goegeous.. im so envy with ur nail shape.. i wish my nails are like urs…*WINK*

  5. >thank you evil angel and thriszha! =)thriszha, and have been envying your nailshape, what should we do now? =D

  6. >ohhh , this polish makes me happy. Great job.

  7. >Thank you! ❤

  8. >I'm definitely LOVING this color. I don't have a lovely pistachio/jade/mint color….yet 😛

  9. >thank you! you could try orly mint mojito, (darker mint/jade) essie mint candy apple (light mint) and opi gargantuan green grape =) I'm lemming for all!

  10. >ooooooh i love this! this is making me go crazy. if my essie mint candy apple isnt here today i'm going ballistic

  11. >I'm going to be ordering mint candy apple, too! I ordered Barry M mint green, but it got lost on the way, I guess =/

  12. >You've really made a lovely franken. It's really a beautiful shade. Love it.

  13. >Thank you so much!

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