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>I have a big headache right now… Ow.
Today I have one of my Konadicures for you, It’s China Glaze Devotion and design from m64 stamped over China Glaze Gussied Up Green, from the Rodeo Diva Collection. I own 3 polishes from that collection, including Rodeo Fanatic and Midnight Ride, and both are fantastic, especially Rodeo Fanatic.


This flower pattern is one of my favorite Konad patterns. This stamp came out very crisp and almost without any mistake, and it’s rare. I’m very anal about manicure mistakes, and one of the things that I hate most is hair-like dust particles getting stuck in my manicure/topcoat. I don’t know if you experience such a problem, but it’s one of my biggest problems while polishing my nails.


  1. >I love using devotion for Konading, it comes out so crisp! Beautiful mani!

  2. >yes, the romantiques and now the khromes are made for konading! I've just ordered a few kromes for konading reasons =)

  3. >This looks great!

  4. >thank you, nihrida! =)

  5. >So sorry about your headache. Love Gussied Up Green. Alos love that flower pattern. Awesome manicure.

  6. >Thank you Lucy! My head is all better now!

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