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>This is one Konadicure I loved very much and supported for many days. It was actually my birthday mani in July. Base coat is China Glaze Tinsel, stamped with Konad special polish in black & design from plate m74. Thanks to Kathleen, owner of OC Nail Art, I could get my hands on this plate, which is not yet to be sold in Turkey. Kathleen is such a friendly person, she wants to help you in every way she can. With help of her, I could get any kind of Konad supply I can’t get here, plus she makes amazing discounts and offers free shipping over 20$ purchase. Just use the code sparkled to get 30% discount from your order. If you want to try out Konad or if you want to supply yourself in any kind of Konad stuff, be sure to check out her store.


It looks really lit from within IRL!


  1. >That mani is really pretty, I love it!

  2. >Thank you! This was a while ago, found it in my photo vault =)

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