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>Today, my thumb nail broke painfully. It was really nice and long, and I was keeping my tips very strong with Mavala Scientifique, but it had a tear on one side, and when it got stuck while opening a box, it ripped painfully. Now I have it very very short.

PhotobucketI filed all my nails down, and I hope they finally grow out without tearing on the sides this time. They always say thumbnails grow the slowest, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with me, luckily. And my fastest growing nails are my ring fingers.
Anyway, I was kinda unwilling to do a manicure, but I did it anyway, because bare nails are the weakest. The base is Rimmel Your Majesty, and I stamped it with Konad special polish in red, and zebra pattern of m57. The result: Funky Robo-Zebra!


The stamping was complete in 20 seconds. Can you believe that? It’s a personal record!

Here is a bottle picture:

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  1. >This is adorable! I love zebra prints!I'm a follower of your amazing blog. Could you check out mine and you are very welcome to follow me back if you'd like :)

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