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>I’m very proud of this konadicure. It came out so crisp and smooth, and I’ve received many compliments. I’ve used a local brand polish, She Nail Sugar #521, (the polishes don’t have names here, sadly.) which is comparable to Barielle Polished Princess.


(Picture is property of All Lacquered Up)
See? I don’t own Polished Princess, but looking at the swatches, I can say that 521 is a bit on the darker and greener side, not a dupe. And don’t mind the brownish color in the middle of the bottle, it’s the shadow of the “nail sugar” writing, and bad lighting =)
Here is the konadicure, stamped with Konad special polish in green and image from palette s06.


Yaptığım bu konaddan çok memnunum. Çok net ve düzgün bir şekilde çıktı, bir de güzel sözler duydum bu manikür hakkında. Kullandığım oje She Nail Sugar #521, ben bunu Barielle Polished Princess’e benzetiyorum. Bende yok ama resimlere bakılırsa #521 biraz daha yeşil ve daha koyu.
Konad yaparken konad’ın kendi yeşil ojesini ve s06 diskini kullandım.


  1. >Hi there, you have a nice blog! I love how your nails looks, they have so nice shape! And I love this green polish in star shaped bottle, absolutely lovely, both bottle and polish!

  2. >Hi Amabile, thank you so much! I want to have a giveaway sometime, the polishes here are affordable and not to be found elsewhere, maybe people would like them =)

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